fullsizeoutput_2697Welcome to my website. You will find on the pages of this site those endeavors I am passionate about and hopefully some inspiration for your own journey.

My greatest passion is to help people through my ability to be a clear channel for the wisdom and guidance of those Beings of Light I call the Angels

These Guides have assisted me in my spiritual growth and have brought healing and transformation to many through HeartThread and my Intuitive Life Readings.

As you will see from my bio and the list of articles by and about me on the About Me page, I have many interests and have been blessed with many talents.

This led me to create beautiful Musical Instruments, ranging from Early Fretted Instruments such as Lutes, Vihuelas, Bandoras, Orpharions, Renaissance and Baroque Guitars to Folk (Celtic) Harps used for therapy and performance. My company, Harps of Lorien, continues to produce harps, Kinder Lyres and meditation instruments for a global audience and has an excellent reputation for quality, customer care and honesty. I am proud of Michael and Terry Chastain who sustain the business so that in my retirement I can pursue my passions.

Other areas of creativity have taken me through reams of poetry to painting and drawing and some excursions into carving and sculpture

I have been fortunate to receive a range of visions for various projects that are beginning to appear on the horizon now. Out of these visions I have also created a number of non-profits which support healing of people , community, and the waters and a few of these are backed by websites where you can explore even more if you choose to.


My greatest passion is HeartThread, a transformational modality that changes lives through the release of old conditioned patterns and imprints by replacing them with life- enhancing messages received from the cells of the body and verbalized by the recipient . I am a facilitator and trainer of this modality.

Pursuant to my interests in Water and the Environment, I organize Medicine Water Wheel ceremonies in Santa Fe, NM and have organized and led them on Grandmother Flordemayo’s land in Estancia, NM and at The Chi Center in Galisteo, NM.

I have been a avid reader and explorer of Ancient Civilizations and the true background to our sojourn on this planet. Out of this exploration into the background of the Exodus, Ancient Egypt, Mystery Schools, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Essenes, the “New Children” and other Star Systems, I have been configuring classes and courses which aim to share my understandings. I offer classes in Hebrew and am teaching an online class on the Essenes, through Soul Support Systems, the source of HeartThread and other modalities and teachings.

I love to jam on the flute, harp and harmonica and sing harmony. I love to hike and to dance. I am a regular dancer in Santa Fe at Embodydance and 5 Rhythms and practice yoga and eat a healthy diet.

I hope you enjoy browsing through this website. I offer a regular newsletter with events and links of interest in the subjects I have mentioned above. Please join the mailing list if you would like to receive these.