Are you yearning for guidance of the highest caliber that you can trust with questions about your life, purpose, health, work and relationships?

Welcome, one and all. My name is Raphael and my greatest passion is helping others experience the light of transformation to experience their truest selves. I’m forever humbled and blessed to have been given a variety of spiritual gifts, proficiencies and talents that enable me to do just that.

How I serve:

Meet The Guides

  • Intuitive channel of divine wisdom. My connection to Great Spirit allows me to be a clear channel for the healing and guidance of the Angels, whom I call Beings of Light. These unconditionally loving guides assist us in our spiritual growth and have brought healing and transformation to many through intuitive life readings.  Schedule an intuitive life reading here.     
  • Facilitator of Healing. My hands transmit the healing light of The Angels and Beings of Light, bringing relief from pain and discomfort. I work in person in my office in Santa Fe and virtually through the process of emotional release and HeartThread. Email me for info and to discuss your needs. See below to schedule a HeartThread session
  • HeartThread certified practitioner, facilitator and trainer. HeartThread is a revolutionary and life-changing energy healing modality that transmits a frequency of love, safety and connection through the field of the heart. It can help you effectively release old patterns and imprints of trauma and conditioning from the body on a cellular level through the use of sound and touch. Schedule a HeartThread session here.
  • Renaissance man. My eclectic background, training and leadership roles include that of author, musician, poet, carver/sculptor, classical musical instrument craftsman, and explorer of ancient civilization Learn more about me here.               View my Gallery here

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  • Practical Spirituality. Want to learn about practical metaphysics and how to align with the truth of higher consciousness? Read an excerpt from my new book,     The Path of the Spiritual Warrior.
  • Spiritual Guidance; Your Questions Answered. Get a taste of my channeling work by joining our regular Meet the Guides gatherings on Zoom, or taking part in my metaphysical discussion groups. Learn more here.
  • My Blog contains channeled messages and occasional insights, stories and perspectives. Visit the latest blog posts here. Archived posts are listed in the sidebar.
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