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In November of 2020,  towards the end of a year-long Soul Support Systems class, I was invited by The Ones with No Names in a channeled session, to receive 12 voices during my morning meditation and create a way to share the messages from these 12 voices on a weekly basis. I offered a weekly Zoom session, which consisted of an approximate hour-long message and a question and answer period. As the course neared its completion, a 13th voice, The Christ offered to join us for a final session.

I transcribed and edited the material, added notes, a bibliography with recommended reading, printed the invitation and included an introduction by my daughter Joy who had passed at the age of 9. I wrote a brief introduction and was grateful to receive a preface from Flo Aeveia Magdalena and The Ones with No Names, as well as a review by D.K. Maylor, an author I had assisted with his book, Wrestling with Jesus.

The book has undergone a major rewrite since its publication in the UK under the title The New Earth Council

It is being published by All World’s Publishing and will be available as a paperback in late June 2022 from this website,, and from Amazon.

Here is a brief introduction to the material:

Raphael Weisman is a channel for the wisdom of the angels. In this timely non-fiction volume, he presents the guidance, wisdom and clarity of 12 voices from the Angelic and Mythological realms as they bring messages and answer questions. These messages and answers are especially relevant to the challenges of our time as we face the greatest threat to our freedom and sanity and to the survival of our species and all life on Mother Earth. The Christ concludes this volume as a final voice. The book is based on transcriptions of an online course with introductory and supplementary material, such as notes and a bibliography. It contains a few photographs. It is the intention of the author that the reader experience the material as if they were present as part of the course.

This book is intended for those who seek to know the truth and align with a higher level of consciousness. It will appeal to those seeking a means to experience and understand themselves as a combination of human and divine. Spiritual seekers and those seeking an introduction to practical metaphysics will find this book beneficial as a self-help guide. All voices emphasize basic practices, attitudes and activities to help us stay grounded and clear, reminding us how to maintain our equilibrium through breath, meditation and time in Nature.  They guide us to move beyond judgement of self and others and constantly remind us of our essence as expressions of God.

The voices are:





John Henry


Old Chinese

The Druid

Joan of Arc


Guru Rinpoche

Joy Weisman and

The Christ.


Blessings and Peace to you all.

Raphael Weisman