Here is a detailed Biography:
Raphael Maurice Weisman
Born in Cape Town, South Africa 3rd September, 1945


Matriculation at Cape Town High School, with excellent university entry grades. Extra curricular studies in Hebrew and the Old Testament

Bachelor of Arts: B.A. in English Literature, with minors in Musicology and Philosophy from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 1972
Certificate in Musical Instrument Technology, The London College of Furniture, London, UK, 1973-1976

Continuing education classes in Art, drawing and sculpture, Taos NM.                               Studied Harp Therapy in the International Harp Therapy Program


Military Service:
1966 – 1969 he served in the Israeli Defense Forces as an instructor and then as staff sergeant in a Paratroop unit. He participated in the Six-day War.

Work/Employment Experience:
Luthier (maker of lutes, violins, guitars, etc): During his 3 years at the London College of Furniture, and for 3 years following, in a joint workshop beside the London Early Music Center, he built copies of historical early instruments from collections in Europe and the USA. He became part of the incipient Early Music revival in Europe.

Harps of Lorien: 1986 he created Harps of Lorien, a harp-making company and catalog business selling musical instruments and accessories. Numerous projects including custom carving, frames for paintings and stain glass works, display cases and repairs

Emergency Medical Technician, Part time, Questa and Taos, NM
Teaching Experience:

Taught Okinawan Style Karate at college and following, London, England.Taught Old Testament to seminary students at the School of Ministry of the Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles, CA.
Taught CPR
Taught recorder and music to grade K through 5 at Taos Valley School.Taught a Harpmaking Summer course at the Santa Fe Community College, 2004
Taught Re-evaluation counseling (Co-counseling) Taos, NM

Teacher and trainer of HeartThread facilitators. HeartThread is a healing modality that connects people to their guidance and releases old patterns of trauma and conditioning from the body.

Volunteer and non-profit experience      

Founding member, Latir Volunteer Fire Department

Founding member and Secretary, Questa Vecindad Chamber of Commerce.

2002, co-organized a workshop on energized water in Taos.

2002, Founded the Lorien Foundation and the Lorien Community Inc., New Mexico non-profit community development corporations.

Vice President and Board member of Earth Journey, Inc, a Spiritual non profit organization, Questa, NM                                                                                                                                                                                                         2009, Co-organized World Peace Week in Taos, NM

2010, Founded Healing the Scars, Inc., a NM non profit organization to offer relief and healing  for those affected by war, trauma and abuse using HeartThread in collaboration with other therapy modalities. Under the umbrella of Soul Support Systems a 501 (c) 3 Non profit organization

2011 November 11th, 2011, organized a free all day event, Live As One, 11/11/11 (Occupy the Heart) at the Farmers Market in Santa Fe under the umbrella of HealingThe Scars, Inc.

2012, created the Santa Fe Water Awareness Group to educate about Water Awareness and to gather together people interested in water issues. The group builds Medicine Water Wheels and organizes ceremonies to bless water and Mother Earth and to encourage precipitation in our drought-stricken SouthWest USA. The group has evolved into a non profit called the Santa Fe Global Water Festival which is organizing a major Festival in Santa Fe to bring attention to the importance of water awareness.

2014, organized a full day event at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe to Celebrate World Water Day 2015, became a Director of Soul Support Systems and Project Clean Oceans.

Organized and taught first HeartThread Facilitator Trainings in Santa Fe with Karen Trujillo-Heffernan

Literary and cultural experience:
Published numerous articles on Harp Therapy, musical education, water awareness and consciousness. Articles by and about, and a tribute to Raphael Weisman can be seen on (other pages of )

Published an article on the reconstruction of the Paris Vihuela in the Galpin Society Journal, March 1982; Photographs of his instruments have been published in  The Early Guitar by James Tyler and in various Lutherie journals.

Volunteer DJ at KRZA, Alamosa CO Public Radio station.

Performed harp in hospital and at various events.

Developed 5 websites/blogs                                                                    

He is currently researching the lineage of the Essenes and their connection to the Ancient Mystery Schools of the AnteDiluvian Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, and their relevance to life in our current civilization.

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