Articles by me

Welcome to the Threshold My latest article, written by request as the featured article in the Nov/Dec 2019 Durango, CO  E.P.I.C. Magazine. This article articulates my understanding of what is happening on the Planet currently in relation to our individual, collective and intergalactic bigger picture

Don’t Stop Playing – article introducing Harp Therapy – This article on Harp Therapy was originally published in Magical Blend’s  Summer 2002 Natural Beauty & HealthMagazine 

Concerns About Our Water (Santa Fe) – Green Fire Times Op ed, This is text only without photos. The original can be viewed here:

11/11/11 This is an article about the importance of the time and numerology  of the date and the related event known as Live As One

Vihuela – Galpin Society Journal – Article about my construction of a replica of a Vihuela in the Jacquemart-Andre Museum in Paris, believed to date c.1500

Dancing For Rain – An article about reverence for Water and its importance to life.

Anyone Can Play The Harp

Choosing a Kinder Lyre


Playing the Kinder Lyre with Your Child