Folk Harps for sale

From time to time I receive used harps for sale and I always seek to match the harp to the right person and the right person to the harp. Often I have to do some minor repairs or adjustments to the harp to make it right for the customer, old and new. If you have a harp that you would like to sell, or would like to be on my list for a used harp, please feel free to contact me. I am available to do repairs, install and regulate levers, replace strings and troubleshoot your harp if you live in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Taos area.


Lorien 30 Floor Harp in Walnut with removable stand in excellent condition.


SOLD but you can order a new one from

The Lorien 30 Folk harp is the largest economy harp that Harps of Lorien produces. It is extremely lightweight and portable with a removable stand, yet has an incredibly sweet and sonorous tone. It is easy on the fingers and has a rich, loud bass and light and airy treble range. The Walnut enhances its resonance and is extremely beautiful, especially the stand, which has a vibrant rippled figure like that of a violin. The harp is in excellent condition and holds its tune beautifully.

This harp was made in 2013 by Michael Chastain who took over building the Harps of Lorien harps when I retired from harp building in 2011. It has some special features like the reinforcing wings over the pillar/neck joint and on the neck as well as the sculptural neck/body joint.
The harp has 30 nylon strings with a range from lower F up to a high g, just over 4 octaves, with the lowest 6 strings wound nylon. The harp currently has Loveland levers on the Cs and Fs. I can put additional levers for an extra charge.

Contact me for more details. The harp weighs only 12.1 lbs with stand. Dimensions: Height 53 inches high (on stand) Width 25 inches Soundboard 11 inches maximum width. Comes with removable stand, tuning key and case

Used Dusty Strings FH-26 In Walnut


Dusty Strings FH-26 Therapy/Folk Harp in Walnut with full set of Loveland levers, removable feet and soft case. This harp is in excellent condition, only lightly played and has a beautiful, sweet, ringing tone. Lightweight and easy to carry. Local sale only in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Taos area. Packing and Shipping would run over $500 for the USA, but very reluctantly. Dusty Strings has an excellent reputation of creating high quality harps with good servicing. As a harp-maker I can vouch for the quality of this beautiful harp. Range:
26 strings
3½ octaves
Low: C one octave below middle C
High: G 2½ octaves above middle C
Weight with feet approximately 14.5 lbs

Height at back of harp: 34½ inches
Height at front of harp: 39 inches
Legs add 11½ inches
Maximum soundbox width: 9½ inches
Widest part of harp (front to back): 21½ inches


Have a harp to sell in Northern New Mexico?

Fill out contact form or contact me


We have Joy 38 harp in Walnut in the workshop that is ready for sale. The harp has a beautiful sound and is absolutely gorgeous.


This is a unique opportunity to acquire a top of the line Joy 38 string round back harp made by Raphael Weisman, founder, and Michael Chastain, harp maker for eight years at Harps of Lorien.  It was completed in 2018, and sounds exquisite with rich, full bass and sweet and rounded middle and upper registers. The new soundboard configuration gives the harp more volume and beauty of tone. The wood is Black Walnut, with a Birch soundboard and round soundbox. It has wound metal bass strings on the lower octave and nylon upper strings. Price includes a full set of Loveland levers and a custom padded cover. Harps of Lorien will provide a three year warranty on materials and workmanship. Contact us for details and to hear the beautiful sound of this harp!  More photos and information are on our Professional Harp page.

 www.Harps of

office Toll free: (877) 273 8009 or (575) 586 2016


Here are some photos of other Joy 38 professional model harps: See also below for specs

38 nylon strings
5¼ Octaves
Range F3 – a2 or G3 – b2
Height 64 inches
Width 33 inches
Soundboard 15 inches
Weight approx. 30 lbs.
Price $5,750 (includes case and a full set of Loveland levers)
Attached Feet. Shipped Freight Collect. There is a crating fee based on current rates.

The warranty on our harps is 3 years. Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for three years from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, and normal wear and tear.

Here is a YouTube video of Julia Armstrong from Taos, NM playing her newly acquired refurbished Joy 38 Professional Harp.

When I  do not have any used harps available, I am proud to recommend any size of harps from the Harps of Lorien workshop in Questa, NM.

 Toll free: (877) 273 8009 or (575) 586 2016

6 thoughts on “Folk Harps for sale

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    1. heartouch Post author

      Hi Dan, Harps of Lorien , my harp business, makes a Sasha 22 string travel harp F through f”, with options for levers, with case. Fits in the overhead of a plane. I can refer you to a harpist on FB who loves that harp. We also make a 26 string therapy harp. or call (575) 586 1712

  2. Cynthia Chaco

    Hi ! Please notify me if you get any 34 string L&H or Dusty, also enjoy salvi. I am new but I have done some homework. Thank you!


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