Folk Harps for sale

From time to time I receive used harps for sale and I always seek to match the harp to the right person and the right person to the harp. Often I have to do some minor repairs or adjustments to the harp to make it right for the customer, old and new. If you have a harp that you would like to sell, or would like to be on my list for a used harp, please feel free to contact me. I am available to do repairs, install and regulate levers, replace strings and troubleshoot your harp if you live in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Taos area.


Have a harp to sell in Northern New Mexico?

Fill out contact form or contact me


8 thoughts on “Folk Harps for sale

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    1. heartouch Post author

      Hi Dan, Harps of Lorien , my harp business, makes a Sasha 22 string travel harp F through f”, with options for levers, with case. Fits in the overhead of a plane. I can refer you to a harpist on FB who loves that harp. We also make a 26 string therapy harp. or call (575) 586 1712

      1. Andrew Gordon

        Hi Raphael! Am so lucky to be that Harper!!! Just saw about the retirement after 40 years, so feeling even luckier. I have a question, if I ever sent the little Sasha to you for a quick refinish and levering, would you be interested in doing that for me? I would love to have it done right, and by you. Just let me know, and if not, no worries! See you as always on FB now and then, and hope you have a lovely Holiday Season and all’s well!
        Andrew 😉

      2. heartouch Post author

        Hi Andrew, Thanks for your support over these many years. I will be spending some time in the shop over the Winter finishing a harp and wrapping up stuff, selling equipment and tools. I might be able to do the refinishing and levering, as long as there is no rush on your part. Did you put on your own levers? Loveland? I may not be able to get levers from a different source but can see what is needed. Hopefully just a few modifications. Best to email me at

  2. Cynthia Chaco

    Hi ! Please notify me if you get any 34 string L&H or Dusty, also enjoy salvi. I am new but I have done some homework. Thank you!


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