Welcome to the Threshold

This article appears here as it was originally written by me. It may have been slightly edited in the November/December edition of E.P.I.C. Magazine, Durango, CO. The link to an electronic e-magazine is added at the bottom. Photos here are mine, not from the magazine

Welcome to the threshold. If you are growing, then you are constantly facing new moments in your life where the Universe is asking you to make decisions about your attitudes and actions, and the only real question is, will you choose love or fear. Everything you do has an impact on more than yourself. It impacts your friends and family, and those we do and don’t know. We are unaware of the repercussions. We have no idea how we affect others because the veil is so thick, but we are interconnected, so we do.

  There is a galactic wave that streams towards us from the center of the Universe, directed, powerful and intended to shake up the fabric of everything; It has been doing so for quite awhile now, growing more intense with each passing day. We reach these moments of threshold in our private lives and communal experience as a result of this vibration. The wave is washing away each moment of the past, asking us to reconsider what will be our direction, and how will we get there. Choice is all we have, in each moment.

As a result of this wave, many lives are being put to the test. More people are waking up to the fact that they cannot continue to follow a path that no longer brings them a sense of purpose or satisfaction. All around us, people’s lives are breaking apart, affecting relationships, health, money.… The world of survival impinges on us more and more and the pressure builds. Much that is happening is unconscious and many feel that they are a “victim” of their circumstances, which is actually true at a certain level, because what is unconscious cannot be easily recognized or changed. 

For those who wish to be in control of their lives, it is important to become aware of the unconscious patterns that run our lives, because the forces that run the show, that control our view of “reality”, depend on our unconsciousness, on the abdication of our self authority. We cannot allow any external authority to have power over us. The conditions and assumptions that shape us have been imprinted into our cellular consciousness and into the very fabric of our awareness through the ancestral and family patterns that underly all our beliefs.

We are conditioned by our upbringing and peer pressure.

It is part of the nature of “waking up” that we begin to experience loneliness, because it is often accompanied by “breaking up”. This loneliness is an aspect of becoming a spiritual warrior, of recognizing that we are ready to develop a relationship with our inner calling, our connection to our essence and the guidance of our higher self or guardian Angels. This awakening is intended to bring us to a place of trust, so that we become able to feel safe, in knowing that we are transcending old co-dependent relationships with the people, substances and behaviors that have kept us from accessing our inner wisdom and power. And our pain. It can be a difficult threshold. It can be painful and can be a very lonely experience.

I have discovered that this is a sacred place. It connects me with all those who suffer and helps me to become more compassionate with myself. It has been an essential part of my journey. It has forced me to feel, to acknowledge my body and humanity, instead of escaping into a world of spiritual make believe. About 16 months ago I gave up using Marijuana. I learned so much. Many old “friends” dropped out of my life and my fear of losing that altered space where I connected with my guides was replaced by an even higher level of connection. With each threshold I had an accompanying physical symptom come up, such as a still tender wound on my heel and a severe throat, and emotional symptoms of pain, anger and loss.

I have learned the importance of having a practice, discipline, out of love for myself and my body and spirit. So each morning I meditate; I connect with Mother Earth beneath me and Father Sky above me, and my heart in the center. This allows me to feel connected to my body, my resources and my guidance. I focus on my breath and open my chakras. Then I write the messages I receive. It is all simple. I recommend to each one who comes for a reading, that they have a discipline, a practice. For the body – dance, yoga, sport, walking…..; for the mind and soul – stillness, meditation, breath….. – it does not matter what practice you choose. What matters is that you choose one, out of love for yourself.

Photo credit Milan Boudewijn Tettero

Yet each threshold strengthened me, and as the magic, ease, grace and serendipity increased, my trust grew. My faith increased. My guidance is always with me, letting me know that there is a reality of love and support that keeps me safe and replaces the old constant habit of worry and stress. The Universe is benevolent. “It” wants us to blossom, to prosper and be happy and this is why we were endowed by “Creator” with free will and the ability to create. It is up to us to use this ability wisely for the benefit of Mother Earth, each other and All Life, and thereby for ourselves. Our greatest challenge is to love ourselves and recognize that we are all children of the One; that we deserve to be happy, prosperous and satisfied. The old voices inside our heads are insidious and we must combat them with the resolve of the spiritual warrior.

It is important that we gather together, in circles, women with women, men with men, the young ones with each other and then we come together when we are comfortable with our groups so that we can see what it is like to be the “other”. What does it feel like to be a man today in a changing world where the Feminine is finally awakening and rising into ascendance. Men are being challenged to find new models of manhood. Women are recognizing their power and must help each other become comfortable being powerful and no longer accepting the old dominance of the masculine “ethic”. And then men and women must learn to respect each other and their challenges and recognize each other’s pain. We are creating a new world of equality, of co-operation. So too, the Elders and the Young must share and learn from each other. We are on the threshold of the new world.

There is a wave. It is growing stronger. It is the wave of creation and is asking us, like the Hopi Prophecy, to let go of the shore, of the old patterns, of the lone wolf syndrome and see who is there with us. When the thresholds come, the challenges, let us celebrate them; that we are alive, human angels choosing to live in this body on this Earth with each other and All Life and to ask for help, to come together in ceremony, in circles, in blessing and witnessing, in humility and vulnerability so we can support each other. We are the bridge for the young ones to come and with the Ancestors who have been. We can assist the Ancestors to release the old patterns of pain and suffering and they can teach us the wisdom of the Ages, so that together we ride the Galactic wave, threshold after threshold.