HeartThread is a Revolutionary, transformational modality that transmits a frequency of love, safety & connection through the field of the heart, releasing old patterns of trauma & conditioning from the body. It is facilitated by a practitioner utilizing sound and touch. The practitioner’s hands gently tune in to the message points on the back of the client’s body, receiving words. The sound of the client’s voice repeating the words affects the cells & the old imprints are released replaced by light and life enhancing patterns. This process can even be done over the phone.

The purpose of HeartThread is to bring people back into their self-authority.

As we release old patterns of conditioning, trauma & self-doubt, we live from the true essence of our authentic self.

HeartThread is based on a few timeless principles that create a space of connection and safety.

The HeartThread is a simple technique for entering the space of the heart and linking with the hearts of others. We simply place our right hand on our heart and the left hand over the right and close our eyes. From that place of stillness and peace we then feel, imagine or see the fibers of our hearts linking together with those of other hearts. We are then able to experience a sense of connection or oneness and even receive messages that enhance our sense of peace, understanding  and connectedness.

The HeartThread technique can be used in a therapeutic setting with trained HeartThread facilitators or as a simple method for people to connect with each other, one on one or in a group. It can set a harmonious tone when used before a meeting or group process and can be used to assist friends, family and loved ones to release old patterns of behavior that no longer serve them. This enhances a sense of self-reliance or self-autonomy when used over a period of time on a regular basis. The HeartThread process can also be used with animals and over distance (e.g. over the telephone).

The more people that come together in this space of oneness, the greater is the unified field. A few minutes is sufficient to bring people into this field so they experience its beneficial effect. It is possible to affect the consciousness of many on the planet when the HeartThread is used in a coordinated manner with many people at the same time. This is the principle on which the Live As One experience on 11/11/11 was based.

For more information on HeartThread, read the article from our Articles page on this blog: https://raphaelweisman.wordpress.com/articles/heartthread/

You can also find a view photos and testimonials of those who have experienced the HeartThread in session or at trainings and Introductory sessions, where we teach people how to use HeartThread. Please visit the HeartThread website/blog: www.HeartThreadInternational.com

If you are interested in training to be a HeartThread practitioner, visit

HeartThread Practitioner Training


The HeartThread Meditation

Below is a printed version of a HeartThread meditation you can use at your convenience:

Please note: We recommend that you do this meditation wherever possible beside a body of water such as a creek, river lake or ocean, or that you have a glass of water in front of you. The water will amplify and broadcast your intention.

Make yourself comfortable. Please place your right hand over your heart and then put your left hand on the right. The right gives, the left receives. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now let your breath take you deep into the center of your heart and begin to feel the stillness and peace that reside there. Take a few deep breaths as you center in the stillness.

Begin to feel yourself connecting with the Earth below you as you ground your energy and anchor a pillar of Light from your heart through your root. Imagine there is a ball of light at the bottom of the pillar, deep in the Earth. Then feel this light travel up through your central column, filling the entire corridor with light as you extend it through your crown towards the Heavens above you. Then feel this vertical corridor filled with light and imagine a ball of light at the top. Hold this column steady as you take a few more deep breaths and feel yourself fully present in the center of your heart.

Now begin to see threads of light radiating out from your heart and connecting with the threads of those hearts in your vicinity, of those you love or are part of your community. Watch or feel them interweave for a few moments and then see or imagine that these heart threads are now reaching out and interconnecting with the hearts of all people around the world; fibers of light weaving a tapestry, expanding out from your immediate circle to encompass all hearts everywhere; all the species; everything that has a pulse, all life, in all worlds, in all universes, in all time and space; all beating as One Heart, the Heart of the One.

Feel this vibration spinning out in a clockwise motion as it expands the vertical pillar out in a horizontal spiral from your center and then rest in the stillness, holding that space in silence for 5 or 10 minutes or as long as you feel to.

When you are complete, bless the water and ask it to remember and spread this vibration everywhere for the benefit of all Life.

*Disclaimer of Liability

HeartThread Sessions/ Channeled Readings/Intuitive Life Readings, Hands-on Healing Disclaimer

The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility.  You agree to completely hold harmless and absolutely indemnify Raphael Weisman from any and all liabilities and expenses.

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