Below you will find links to some of my favorite organizations, people and practices with which I have had longstanding and special connections. The first few also have photos attached. If you are interested in a reciprocal link with your website, contact me by email

Harps of Lorien is a family harp business which I founded in 1984 and is now run by Michael and Terry Chastain in El Rito, North of Questa, New Mexico. They offer a variety of folk harps of all sizes from small children’s Lyres and meditation instruments to professional model round and flat back performance and Therapy Harps. The company has a solid reputation for excellent customer service and the highest standards of workmanship and has been at the forefront of the Bedside and Therapy Harp evolution. You can read more about Harps of Lorien on this website here and at the Harps Of Lorien website.




Soul Support Systems is the non-profit organization founded by Flo Aeveia Magdalena that is the source for HeartThread and modalities like Circuitry Alignment, both of which I facilitate, Soul Recognition, Accelerated Learning and others.


They also offer ongoing classes, channelings, tours to special destinations, a monthly call with the Great Mother, and other teachings, recordings and books.


Earth Journey is the non-profit organization that was founded to promote and serve the teachings, art and publications of Herman Rednick in the community of El Rito, 7 miles north of Questa NM. Currently in addition to Herman Rednick’s teachings and ongoing weekly classes and full moon meditations, based on his work, the Herman Rednick Center offers Tibetan Buddhist practice and teachings, retreats and a Stupa in the Kagyu lineage. The stupa was dedicated to the memory of Herman Rednick by Kalu Rimpoche.


Embracing the great spiritual traditions of the east and west, Earth Journey offers four streams of spirit: the “path of love” teachings of Herman Rednick, Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist teachings and practices, revelation of the Divine Feminine, and study of the works of Alice Bailey.” from their website.



EmbodyDance-Santa-Fe-AltarEmbodydance Santa Fe. Do you like to dance? Live in Santa Fe? Every Thursday night, come sweat your prayers or just enjoy a wave of free form music to dance to in a vibration of love and support along with a dance floor full of other dancers. This has been one of my staples since I moved to Santa Fe in 2011.



RhythmBody: Or you can join Chloe Goodwin offering 5 Rhythms dance practice on Tuesday evening or Sunday morning. This has been my Staple #2 in Santa Fe on a Sunday morning from 10 AM – 12 Noon. This is not just a social dance or a wave like in Embodydance, but a deep practice of going within and using the 5 rhythms as a method for exploration and transformation under the guidance of Chloe. Her Tuesday class offers more instruction than the Sunday dance practice. 


There are other “ecstatic” dance offerings by friends in Santa Fe such as Rhythm Connection Ecstatic Dance on Monday evenings, with Ana Biele.


The Santa Fe Community Yoga Studio SFCYphotos17.jpg is my favorite place to do my yoga practice. It is the only non-profit Yoga studio in Santa Fe and offers a host of events and special yoga classes like pre-natal yoga, yoga for kids, Nidra Yoga, yoga with sound healing and is a popular venue for weekly Kirtan and many other offerings. They offer a Summer and Winter special pass that allows you to save on the price of classes as well as a few classes by donation each week. Seniors and Students receive a discounted class price.


Grandmother Angelique Boas, The Netherlands:



Old Chinese/ Chung Fu – Sally Pullinger,


(You can also contact Sally via her daughter: )

If you have read my references to Old Chinese on the Shungite page or the Messages From The Angels page, or the 6 part class of channeled messages The Art Of The Spiritual Warrior, you will recognize the deep connection I have with this Master. I met Sally Pullinger and her family in Glastonbury UK in September 2019 and received one of the most powerful and loving channeled sessions I have ever had from Him through Sally. She is a full trance medium. I have since also attended a number of online webinars he has offered. If you are interested, go to their website and find out what is currently being offered.