Meet The Guides

The Guides have been offering their wisdom every alternate Tuesday evening in Santa Fe, NM and via Zoom, online. They have moved beyond identification with particular voices, aspects and mythological figures. They have always spoken from the perspective of “we,” and their style and clarity has moved towards a deeper and more powerful level. Each session follows a similar format to the previous courses and the Ask The Angels series. They begin with a general message which I convert to a video and post on this website and my YouTube channel. The message is followed by a short break and then they answer questions from attendees. These answers are often extremely poignant and relevant to all of us. As time allows, I will also produce the more interesting ones as videos.

I invite you to attend these sessions. They will take you to a very special place. In many ways, they reiterate and expand on the basic principles and teachings that were enumerated in the Path of the Spiritual Warrior, because that is the work at this time. And indeed, these messages are timeless.  For current information on these sessions, please visit the Events page of this website. You can also find previous messages on the Blog and video pages of this website.

Here is the latest message from the Guides:

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