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                                                                 Raphael Weisman is a Transformational Channel for the Love, Healing and Wisdom of the Holy Beings he calls The Angels. These Guides and Guardian Angels wish to assist individuals and humanity to heal, to find more ease & grace and to reconnect with their Divine Purpose for being here on Earth. Raphael has the ability to empty himself so that he can tune in to specific messages tailored for the person receiving a session. Often he is able to direct healing to specific areas of the body through his hands. The answers to the client’s questions are always “right on” and clients often say that he “hit the nail right on the head”, full of compassion, healing and wise guidance.

                   His ability to engender a field of unconditional love and non-judgement allow his clients to feel safe. Often he will help you to perceive your own guides and angels in your field so that you will have access to them during and after the session. Whether you receive an Intuitive Life Reading or a Transformational HeartThread session, your life will be forever changed for the better.


I have been involved in “healing” and transformation work for much of my life. I was an EMT in Questa and Taos NM earlier in my life and taught CPR. I am certified as a HeartThread practitioner, facilitator and trainer and also as a Circuitry Alignment facilitator through Soul Support Systems. This was the beginning of my work as a channel for the wisdom and healing energies of the “Angels” to come through me.

               During the HeartThread training, the trainee receives a “transmission” which describes how John Henry, the founder of HeartThread will work with them directly. So when I became a HeartThread Practitioner trainer, it was part of my task to bring through this transmission. Although I had been giving HeartThread sessions and receiving messages daily from John Henry as part of my meditation and journaling practice, I did not know if I would be able to “channel” a specific message aloud in that way. To my delight and even surprise, messages came through me that were accurate and specific and very empowering for the trainee. This was the beginning of my channeling experience.

                   I also began to receive messages from an Old Chinese guide who had been a part of my life while in England and California. Sometimes I would receive a message from the trees or the waters, the Christ or an Intergalactic guide called Ashtara. Sometimes when working with a client I feel tremendous heat through my hands or in my whole body and the part of the body I am in contact with receives a release of pain or tension.

I have been honored to provide my clients with the highest level of guidance and Angelic wisdom.

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Intuitive Life Readings :

       An Intuitive Life Reading  is a channeled session accessing the wisdom and guidance of the Angels to help you deal with issues in your life, connect you with your life’s purpose and provide answers to your questions. A session begins with a channeled message from the guides followed by answers to your questions, and lasts about an hour. The guides offer penetrating wisdom and guidance with love and compassion and without judgement. The session is recorded so that you can listen again. I send you a recording via email or you can plug my voice recorder directly into your laptop. I offer these sessions in person, by phone or through Skype or Zoom.
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HeartThread Sessions 

     HeartThread is a Revolutionary, transformational modality that transmits a frequency of love, safety & connection through the field of the heart, releasing old patterns of trauma & conditioning from the body utilizing sound and touch. My hands gently tune in to the message points on the back of the client’s body, receiving words. The sound of the client’s voice repeating the words affects the cells & the old patterns are released, even when done over the phone. The purpose of HeartThread is to bring people back into their self-authority. As we release old patterns of conditioning, trauma & self-doubt, we live from the true essence of our authentic self.

You can read more about HeartThread and what to expect from a session here

A session lasts about an hour and includes a recording. In person, by phone or Internet


Sliding scale available. Click on link below to schedule or call or email  for an appointment


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Here are a few recent testimonials:
” If you have the opportunity to experience Raphael’s channeling, I would greatly recommend it.  Raphael is tuned into a high vibrational awareness and conducts accurate and wise messages that touch into personal information and guidance from angels.  Not just anyone can do that, and do it well.” -Jeva B.


P1000529   My reading with Raphael was profoundly insightful; his wisdom offers a deeply heartfelt resonance of the divine and reassurance that “all is well “. I will apply the guidance I received for my life’s direction ~ Zoe Makrysta, Dancer

The reading I received from Raphael is a profound gift that will remain with me. I honestly had no idea what to expect, and what I experienced was phenomenal and illuminating. I was filled with an unmistakeable feeling of lightness throughout my body as Raphael spoke directly to the deepest most genuine sense of myself. The source that Raphael connects to as he channels is healing, grounding, and authentic. I highly recommend a reading with Raphael to access transformational wisdom and guidance. ~ Mya, Santa Fe Oxygen Bar

Here are a number of other testimonials:


On these following pages, you will find information about the non profit I created, Healing The Scars, and about HeartThread, some Channeled messages , Teachings and more, with further links to articles and other websites. Enjoy!

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