Here is the latest channeled Message from The Angels:





Principles of HeartThread

Introduction to HeartThread Evening, 26th November, 2016

Healing The Scars You Tube Channel. See other videos about HeartThread, Testimonials and materials about water ceremonies and subscribe. Below are two demonstration HeartThread Sessions recorded at the event


HeartThread Demonstration session with Julie. Be aware that there is one instance each of use of the F… word and B…S…Thanks to Brett for filming. Some of the background sounds in these recordings are his dog Magoo! I think he liked these sessions!


Be aware that this session was quite intense and yet very powerful, especially in part 2, even if there was also some humor in it.


I invite you to also subscribe to my Raphael Weisman YouTube Channel where you will be able to view channelings and recorded messages and HeartThread Sessions:

Below you will find a variety of videos from my YouTube Channels.

Here is introduction to the series of messages from The Angels:

This is my most recent:









You can also view a selection of videos on my Healing The Scars channel ranging from water issues to HeartThread testimonials etc:


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