My story.


This is an evolving work in progress and from time to time I will add stories and recollections, modify, edit or delete parts. So you are welcome to enjoy the ongoing adventure story. It gets better all the time because the life I live does so too. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

The reason is the inspiration that came to me last week.  I often get my confirmations from the universe in the form of birds most often it will be the hawk though my Raven friends are always active too. Today I went for a walk. I did not expect to see a hawk; In fact I did not know what to expect; however I was delighted as I wandered toward the river to begin receiving very strong messages from an old Chinese guide who had been my first encounter with trance, guides, channeling and metaphysics

As I walked to the river today I encountered not one hawk but two and not where I usually expect to find them on top of these old ancient telephone poles that carry wires that go nowhere except as perches for the many doves as they flap and turn in flight, landing on the poles in droves

It was very daunting to imagine that this Being would want to talk to and through me directly for when I first met him I discovered his energy to be very powerful. The stories  that old Chinese told us in my days in London and later in Irvine California always fascinated me. He told stories of the Old Sage of the Forest, of the young Emperor who at the age of 13 would come to the forest to train with the Old Sage. The boy, the son of the Emperor, would become the Emperor of all China and this early tutelage with the old sage provided a fertile ground in which to spell a whole world of “fantasy” of imagination, and the most brilliant messages and stories that ever I heard. The world of the Old Sage of the Forres,t the energy of ancient China, the wisdom of the Old Sage and the ways in which all new age thought and understandings were being expressed and shared with me and those who gathered around Marshall Lever, the trance channel. This old Chinese guide, whose name was Chung fu, which meant Inner Truth, also taught about the 33 energies. This was in London in the 70s I was studying to be an instrument maker my wife was soon-to-be wife Lorna was studying medicine we would bike to the opposite ends of London tour of various colleges where I was studying early instrument making at the London College furniture while on the other end of London, she went to her medical studies finally resuming her career after a break for a few years so that she could study the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and perhaps so that she could meet me for that indeed is where we met on the campus on those beautiful lawns in the spaces between talks and lectures in philosophy,  in musicology and English Literature.

Jerusalem is a long way from Santa Fe New Mexico but in many ways they are very connected the old Jerusalem instead many of the old Jerusalem’s no longer exist except in the imaginations of Templars of Saracens of rabbis and students of the Talmudic schools of learning. Jerusalem. A powerful energy exists you might say it existed therefrom the beginning there are tales that the holy mountain where the Temple was built with the Dome of the rock now exists was once a giant megalithic landing base for beings from other worlds the beings of ancient times referred to as the cards visited this planet engineered a genetics of what would become that which we know of today is our human species

 There is always a magical component in the timing that brings me to the River where this being “Old Chinese”, after a few tentative and very exciting beginnings of communication between us, presented himself alongside another angel friend you might call my channel my guide my buddy (and not just mine) John Henry. But today, across the dry river where the tractors, the backhoes and caterpillars have been gouging out the landscape to create a new riverbank with bike paths along the edges,  lo and behold, to my surprise, there perched upon a large Cottonwood tree on the other side of the dry Gulch, there was not one there were two Hawks. It was a hawk unmistakably and as I stood and gazed upon him I recognized once again (I had encountered this one before) that he was having his dinner sitting upon the branch of the large Cottonwood tree, and that accompanying him, was a slightly smaller hawkish companion. 

It seemed like old Chinese had been preparing me for some time now for a different level of communication level than what I have with John Henry.  He too wishes to use me as a communication channel for messages and conversations with those who are seeking answers and meaning in these challenging times. He represents in ancient wisdom that speaks of discipline, of power and the ability to have a presence in the world in many ways you might say as an Initiate or as one who walks the path of the spiritual warrior, for the traditions of the ancient East were very strong in an ethic that was very much woven with that of the warrior, and by warrior we also referring to a monastic and ascetic tradition.  it is a little scary for me to imagine being able to transmit this powerful energy as the experience of channeling is still something fresh and new for me.

It feels like I am at the turning of a corner especially as we come close to the turning of another year in a time of great turmoil and change. The energies that have been moving threw me as I have engaged my emotional challenges the spaces of silence and solitude and the understandings that have been flooding in almost on a cellular level, these energies have been taking me to a whole new version of myself and I’ve had a deep sense that there is something waiting around that corner something extraordinary on a personal and on the planetary level. It is important for me to share this because as I tell my story I become more and more aware of the distance I have traveled from that momentous day on 3 September 1945 when I was born in the Booth Memorial Hospital Cape Town South Africa.

As fate would have it that particular hospital burnt down at some point and along with it any records or details of my birth if ever there were any. I do certainly have a copy perhaps even an original of my birth certificate. It says Maurice Weisman, and in both Afrikaans and English is clearly states the date on which I was born and that I was a European that my parents were Harry and Sarah Weisman.  Nowhere does it give a time of birth. This does not allow me to have an accurate rendering of my horoscope nor of any other system like human design that can pinpoint with absolute accuracy some of my traits. however it does not matter much. For what does matter is how much my life and my sense of self have evolved to the point where I am writing now stand. Weaving together my story has been quite an enterprise because the threads of the weave  was so varied and diverse.

I am sure that by the time I have told much more of my story from Cape Town to Sinai to Jerusalem to London to Laguna Beach and Irvine and finally to New Mexico, much will have shifted in my relationship with these angelic beings,  I call my guides,  and the wisdom and understanding that will be shared through me as the vessel will be quite profound and hopefully, will have shifted my perceptions  far beyond anything I could ever imagine. For the teachings that old Chinese brought through in my early days of experience with trance with channeling and with guidance included a wide variety of subjects such as incarnation, karma, crystals, mega-vitamin therapy, cataclysms and polar shifts, numerology, ancient history, mystery schools, astral travel and even teleportation, subjects that in the 1970s were so far ahead of their time that I truly felt myself to be embraced by some divine benevolence, that I was enrolled indeed in some amazing Mystery School. And, as always now, I recognize the profound and profuse access I seemed to have to Serendipity; What I have come to understand as Grace.