Excerpts from “The Path of the Spiritual Warrior”

Apollo, Excerpt

“Clarity comes from being able to divest yourself of emotional involvement, attachment to that which you always thought was true. Perhaps you have identified a belief system that is now just possibly under fire; that is now being examined, taken apart, and is being felt in its fullness. You are teachers and way-showers for the New Earth. This is why you are here. This is why you have been drawn to these messages and the energies we represent.

We represent a vast array of different embodiments. We come from a variety of time periods and walks of life. We represent different belief systems, cultures and civilizations. As we express the unique energy of each of the 12 through these 12 weeks, we are hoping that you will receive an expanded experience and an array of understandings and recognitions. We want you to find greater clarity for yourself and for your purpose. Clarity for what you are ‘unpacking;’ those folders you have created, full of many files. Each time you open one up, have a look and see whether you still need to keep it on your desktop, or perhaps you can discard it. It may no longer have any purpose. And you have not looked at it for so long, that it may as well go into the trash.

The house cleaning, the housekeeping that we are asking of you, is very basic. It is to examine everything: every thought, every feeling, every belief system. It is why we invite some of the ancestors to join us today, so that they can also witness for themselves some of the old patterns. What were some of the old requirements they had of you? Perhaps some of the vows and contracts still control you, because you committed to them. It may now be the time to let go of them. They may have served at a particular time, in a particular cultural or religious mileau, but today everything is up for grabs. Everything is sitting outside in the yard sale. You are giving it away. You are getting rid of it because it does not contribute to clarity. All the clutter in your mind, in your garage, in your closets, has become a diversion.

As aspiring Spiritual Warriors–those who carry a sword of truth–it is vital that you understand and have the clarity to know what is truth and what is illusion. You must be willing to cut through the web of illusions that make up the matrix of what you have believed up to this point. There are many who choose to remain within their box because they feel safe there. There are also many of you who are now ready to expand your box, so you can ‘swing your cat by its tail’ and have more space to breathe. Your boxes have been encroaching upon you. Your mind pigeonholes information in order to grasp concepts, trying to make sense of everything.

So, we are asking you to expand your boxes, your rooms; to open up the doors and the windows and let in the fresh air. We want you to feel the warm sunshine pouring in through your windows, feeling the breeze, hearing the birds, rejoicing that you are alive. You are alive at this special, special, special time. You are here because you have been called. A long time ago, before you left the Swing Between Worlds, you considered what it would be like for you to come back to this planet. What agreements would you make? You designed your blueprint and your destiny. It is time to ask, “What is my mission?”

You are now ready to visit that place within your heart and your Soul Seed,25 where your ribs come together. That is where you can feel the connection to your soul. You are ready to examine your purpose, not as a mental construct, not as an idea, but as a container that is filled with light and blessings. It is asking you to embrace the possibility that your life is no longer a struggle. This can apply to your ancestors as well. They have the same opportunity as you. When they embrace the light and receive the healing, they will no longer want you to suffer, to have it hard, to have it rough, to have to watch your back, or look over your shoulder. For you are surrounded by angels and guides who are protecting you now.

We are asking you to open your hearts to a new reality that is not an illusion. Your life can be full of ease, filled with grace and plenty; full of everything that your heart desires. May your heart’s desires come from that place of your innocence, of that little child within you that is pure and who knows, and has always known. You are here to fulfill your calling, to express and experience love. You are here now to experience what we will call God’s Love or the love of The Christ or of the Goddess. We use the term “god.” It is short and sweet. We remove all the connotations that have been accrued upon it and just keep it simple. If you look at “g-o-d” backwards, it is “d-o-g” and, if you like, you can consider the Great Being that watches over you as the loyal energy of “dog.” It does not matter what you call it or him or her. The energy of Creation, of the greatest intelligence that is, the source of everything that is, is shining love and light into you, through you and upon you. And you are an expression of this deep, pure and beautiful love.

We want you to experience this in the same way that you experience the warmth of the sun’s rays upon your skin. We are asking you to feel that they are expressions of God’s love, filling all space, filling all time, going backwards into every single life of yours (seen from a linear or parallel perspective). All of your lifetimes, all of your experiences in any dimension, are now being filled with the beautiful rays of God’s love. We are asking you to take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel it in your body, in your heart, in your mind. Do not try to make sense. Just feel it. Every day, when you do your practice, ask to feel this love. Express it through your actions, your words, thoughts and feelings. Transform everything that is not love into this beautiful, magnificent warmth, this golden light and energy. That is one way of seeing and feeling that which you are. For within this beautiful radiance of God’s love, you are all melting into each other. And as you do this, you melt everyone into the same vibration of Oneness.

You are here to establish structures of Oneness. They are structures of the energy of coming together, of resolution, of finding ways to live in peace and harmony and cooperation. They facilitate letting go of the struggle for survival, the struggle that requires you to think in terms of competition, scarcity and limitation; seeing yourself as limited or diminished. You cannot diminish God’s love, and you are it. You are it! The buck stops with you! You have to be God’s love in action, in motion, in expression, because that’s what you are. This is beyond the illusions. For everything that is not God’s love is the illusion.

It is a long stretch perhaps for your mind, but your heart knows how easy this step is. Your heart will now direct and instruct you how to dismantle the illusions. Your heart will guide you to dismantle the belief systems that do not work, that create separation and dissension. They have established the idea that there are ‘others’ that are to be feared. Each human being, no matter how dark their experience, has this connection with God’s love. Within their heart is the same spark, the same sun, the Solar Logos energy. Embedded in the very center, within the heart of each being that has consciousness, is God’s love, that spark of Divine Fire that you are.”

Pan, Excerpt

“It is critical that you honor all aspects of body. It is extremely important to honor and bless the water that you drink, and that you drink copious amounts of water, and that you drink the highest quality water you can access. Much of the water commercially available in plastic bottles is nothing more than recycled water from your metropolitan water systems; tap water that has been placed in bottles, perhaps purified with chemicals, and is essentially dead. In order to be in touch and alignment with aliveness, find life-giving, structured water. Always bless your water.

It is extremely vital for your energy, because your field is amplifying itself. The consciousness of your cells is expanding in frequency. The vibration of your body is rising, so, in order that the vibrational increase be more fluid, and because your body is made up of mostly water, pay very strong attention to the water that you drink. If the water that is accessible to you is not of the highest vibration, bless it and put your own light energy into it. It is important to grow your own food and purchase food that is organic, not GMO,35 nor artificial, or processed. We recommend that you eat healthy, organic vegetables and fruits. Do not be afraid to eat as much fruit as possible. The sugars that are contained within the fruit are extremely benevolent for your body, and are highly absorbable. The fluids that most people are drinking are not life-enhancing.

It is also vital for you to move, to dance, not just for the exercise but for the joy of moving, moving in a fluid motion that allows your emotions that are tied up within your cells to become free and to be expressed. Find a way that you can express through vocalization, through making sounds, through screaming and shouting or whatever is necessary to release those trapped emotions within you that have no place to go. Allow them the freedom of motion, and they will of their own accord begin to leave your body and create more space for light to penetrate into those places where previously the emotions had been trapped.

It is wonderful, is it not, to spread your arms in great gratitude to Mother Earth and Father Sky and to feel the breeze in the warm sun, to feel the rain upon your face and head and allow it to pour all over you in exhilaration. It is good to feel like a child again; to play in the sand and the dirt and not worry about having muddy feet. The child does not worry about whether their face is smeared with the food that they eat, full of wonderful nutrition; “strawberry face forever.”

Allow yourself to remember what it’s like to be a child, what it is like to go outside into the yard and talk with the Little Ones that you were able to communicate with when you were still an innocent little one. Remember what it is like to have your so- called ‘imaginary friends,’ some of whom, most of whom, many of whom, are still with you right now. You can almost reach out and feel them. You can almost bring them to your breast like a teddy bear and cuddle them. And we would recommend, right now, in your own way, that you hold your little child, the true ‘you,’ and bring them close. Give them a reassuring hug, letting them know that everything, all the fear and all this craziness is just an illusion. It will fade away as surely as the spring will turn to summer and the summer to fall and the fall to winter. Everything is so precious according to a Divine Purpose, a Divine Order. Your heart knows the truth.

These little ones, like the child that has just climbed onto your lap, know the truth. It is good for you to communicate with them, to talk to them, to remind them how much you love them. Remind them that they made it through, no matter what it was that they had to deal with. Here they/you are, fully grown now and still remembering the beauty of childhood, of innocence, of purity, that space within the heart that is so precious. When you trample the Earth with your bare feet, you somehow re-evoke it. When you gather around the tree and hug it and give thanks for its presence, for the roots that penetrate down into Mother Earth, it allows you to feel your own connection through that beautiful tree.

The tree does not require anything of you. It is just there, and yet it loves to experience your gratitude. It loves to feel that you honor it and that you can come and sit beneath it, put your back against it, go into the stillness and the silence. Perhaps to hear the rustling of the leaves, the birds, the waters and the breeze. If you are fortunate to have water, trees, stillness and Nature accessible to you, go often. And if it is necessary for you to travel, do so. Find a way to go into that space of Nature at this time in the current annals of your herstory of Mother Earth’s evolution. It is vital for you to spend as much time as you can, allowing that stillness to penetrate into your being, allowing the sounds of the rippling of the waters, of the soft breeze and the feeling upon your cheek; to allow your hair to blow in the wind, hear the rustle of leaves, the beautiful singing of the birds within this encapsulated energy, that is outside of time, outside of stress, outside of the belief systems that have taken over your planet in the Great Illusion.”

John Henry, Excerpt

.”..when you take that breath and recognize you will be there in the perfect moment, you shift your consciousness into a different kind of reality that is aligned much more with the heart. You become more and more conversant with the ways in which the heart operates within your consciousness and within the interconnectedness. Thus, when you have a feeling that Auntie May is about to call you, and there she is on your screen, these kinds of things become second nature to your life, and you begin to live your life with the ease and grace we were talking of. You understand that miracle, magic, abundance, a sense of ease, peace and stillness can always be there for you in every moment no matter what is going on.

Accessing the heart is the way to go to that space. It is right there within your very center. All it requires is to put your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your right. As you take a deep breath, you shift the location of your consciousness from the head, from the mind, to the heart, and that breath shifts everything. You can let go of that burden that is sitting on your shoulders that you have carried ever since you were a little pipsqueak. Ever since it was laid upon you, that you were responsible for your parents and all their trials and tribulations, and you had to carry it throughout your life. What a burden to place upon your children! Or for your ancestors to require of you to perform rituals of things that are not to the benefit of anyone because it has been told that they must do so! There are many, many aspects of your reality that are going to come up for scrutiny, because, at this time especially, the challenges that arise, be they family or financial or health or relationship, are going to present to you the demons that you are now getting ready to meet face to face as the Spiritual Warrior. You are the Warriors of the Heart, not the “worriers” of concern.

In fact, we have stated this, and we will write this out for you at another time* (See below, after closing meditation) but once upon a time it was shared by me that the greatest thing I would like you to eliminate from your belief systems and from your thought process, is worry, the energy of concern. If there’s anything that we could say it is important to eliminate, it is worry. It is placing your energy on areas that you do not wish to experience, which is another way of saying worry or fear. If your energy is focused on the things you do not want to have in your life, you are creating them through that focus. It is important to let go of that kind of energy and replace it with only benevolence, with only positive thinking. This can be done through the process of affirmation, of being in a state of meditation, in Alpha or Theta brain rhythms. When you are in a state of heightened receptivity, you say to yourself aloud statements of what you do want, framed positively, and do not refer to anything you do not want, not even to negate them.

This can also be done through HeartThread®, where you are replacing the old stories, patterns and negative imprints with new, alternative thinking that supports benevolence and nurturing and is conducive to your thriving. It is important to understand the nature of the ways in which you constantly are programming yourself. It is said that there are something like, perhaps, 60,000 thoughts that run through a person’s mind in a day and that something like 90 or more percent are negative. The programming to think negatively has been imprinted in you through generations and generations of indoctrination, throughout all of your lifetimes.

It is also so with this life. Most of these imprints are imbued into your system from a very early age. Even before you came out into the world, with your first breath, you were experiencing the thought forms and the emotions of your mother when you were in the womb, and from your father and your siblings and others around you. These negative beliefs were also imprinted into the consciousness structure you inherited later on, when you began to access consciousness in a more aware way. For the first 7 years, almost every single belief that you have, was programmed into you as a sponge that had no ability to discern. Your critical thinking only began to develop after your 7th year.

In some ways, it seems like you are almost fighting a losing battle; but because you are Warriors of Spirit, because you are the Ambassadors of the Heart, you have agreed, whether through your contracts or through your presence here, you have agreed to carry the light within the surrounding darkness. You have agreed to fight your demons within you and, where possible, without. You are, and you have agreed to become, a one who carries the sword of truth and is willing to use it as a Warrior of the Heart in a loving and compassionate and non-judgmental way.

The foundation of almost every single negative thought is separation consciousness, polarity thinking. It is a projection of a ‘me-versus-them,’ ‘us-vs-them’ mentality. It’s the judgment of an ‘other’. The work you are here to do is the letting go of these ways of seeing things, through the eyes of duality, of separation. It requires recognizing that oneness may be a truth for you in your mind, but it has not percolated its way into your subconscious awareness. It is necessary to reprogram your subconscious mind, so you move beyond the perception of reality as based on separation. Once you transcend the dualistic ways of seeing and thinking, you recognize that beneath the apparent conscious surface, everything is interconnected.

The understandings that are derived from Quantum physics have utilized scalar54 waves and Tesla-type inventions to create technologies that can achieve the most remarkable results. Many of these technologies have been with you for eons, for many years. However, from the earliest days of the 20s and 50s of this century, or the previous one, they were used in secret, not for the benefit of the people. Brilliant inventors were eliminated and their discoveries were usurped. In many cases, evidence of these inventions was destroyed because it posed a threat to the financial interests of those in power who control the resources and technologies. Much of this is available to you today because it has become commercialized, feeding the bottom line, the mighty dollar or yen, or whatever.

We would like to focus on what it requires of you to live with your heart open. What does it take to live and move into the heart from the head? Essentially, all the words are nice, and they’re all nice admonishments, and they’re all great ideas. But if they remain in the mind, in the head, they do not shift your reality. So, it is important to recognize that the shift of focus, of location, is a major first step of going to the heart by putting your hands, whether it is actual or in your imagination, upon your heart. By shifting your focus and attention to your heart, you immediately invoke a space of connection with the energy of your higher self and the wisdom that dwells within your heart. There is an innate connection between all humans that we call the HeartThread®, and when you go into the heart, you have that ability to connect with others. You also can do it through the connection with the Soul Seed just below your heart, in that space where the ribs come together, there behind the xyphoid process. When you go into the heart, you can communicate with the soul of somebody with whom you are having difficulty.

The best way to access the heart is to focus there with a deep breath. Please join me now in taking a deep breath, in……., and out…    You will immediately notice that the whole system relaxes. Somehow, a little bit of that stress, of that weight on the shoulders, tension, relaxes. There’s an influx of stillness. There is also an experience of your diaphragm moving outwards and back in, of your chest rising, a sensation of your physical body, so that, through the focus on the breath, you are connected with your physical form. When you combine this with connecting to Mother Earth, through your feet or seat, you are becoming fully present.”

Joan of Arc, Excerpt

“………there is nothing that cannot be done when you follow your heart, and gather together with those who are loyal, who follow and are able to see the vision that you carry in your heart. Gather around you in support, those who recognize that alone it is very difficult to achieve the overthrow of all that seems so evil and so harmful. And yet, as you hold dear and hold fast to your inner vision, to your voices within you, the voices of your guardian angels; as you keep alive your heart’s vision and begin to manifest it in small ways within your life, one step leads to another and before long you are not alone. You are marching as a team, as an Army of the Heart, marching forth from that place of Light, marching forth with swords of truth that remain in the scabbard, as we have discussed earlier in these sessions. The stories or the teachings or the wisdom are always the same. It is always about the sword of truth, the within and without. It is always about cutting away that which does not serve you. Stopping in your tracks when you notice that you are judging, worrying, projecting into the future your fear or concern about this or that. Stopping to catch yourself and take that breath, in, and out; to go into the heart and to be fully present in your body.

Old Chinese, in a recent session reviewed these teachings and enumerated them for ease of being able to go over them, to share them, and for the ability to let others know what it is that we have been discussing in our time together for these last nine sessions.

The sun turns around, and the Earth turns around, and the seasons come and go and change. You are now approaching the harvest. You are approaching the time when your voices must be heard and must be acted upon. You are facing the time for the harvest of everything you have worked towards over this period. How far have you come? How much have you shifted within your consciousness? How much have you been able to capture the words and belief systems, the ideas, projections and worries, and interrupt them? Replacing them with voices of love, with voices of peace, with the allowance that is the foundation of Truth. Let this allowance of love come in and replace all those endeavors of the mind that want to keep you fixed in the old visions, old concepts from your heredity, upbringing and your acculturation. How much have you been able to pay attention to your thoughts, to your feelings, your ideas, the times that have been hard, perhaps those moments of depression, those moments of thinking that you will not make it, or those moments of doubt where you do not feel you can take one more moment, one more step or one more breath?

You have come to this place to do exactly that: to take stock in each moment of what your voices have shared with you, whether they come from channeling through this one or others or whether they come from your own inner wisdom as you enter your meditation time, but it is definitely the time now to take stock. In the next three weeks you will be asked to consider what structures you are putting in place that are emanations of your own voices, of the messages that arise within you that will not be gainsaid. What is the inspiration that has told you, time after time, what you should do for your own highest good, for your own deepest enjoyment and pleasure and for your own ability to see yourselves as magnificent; to see yourselves as expressions of the divine in action, to recognize that you are here but for a brief moment and that you will return to the Great Light of Creator, to Union with All That Is before you can snap your fingers?

It is important, as we reach this time when most of our teachings have been explained, when most of our inspirations have been given to you, to take one more breath, to move forward with one more step, to gather around you your circle of allies, to reach out to one other person and share. You never know to what degree that call might just inspire somebody else to feel that relief, that sense of comfort, to have a voice, to be able to have someone to listen to, even if it is a story? The very telling of it to a willing ear can allow it to dissolve away. It seems that the overall impressions that are coming forward appear to be about the stories. What is the story?

How many times have you heard the same story from the same friend or colleague, or not-so-friend, who goes over and over the reasons why they cannot do something because Mercury is in retrograde, because their stars are aligned in such a way that they are helpless or hopeless; because they just don’t have the juice for it? Whatever the stories, perhaps you’re tired of hearing the same old stories from some of them, and perhaps, just perhaps, you are tired of listening to some of your own story. It does not require more than a simple decision to let go, to constantly let go. Every worry about the money, about the relationship, about the health can all be let go of. You are an immortal soul. You are infinite. You are universal. Immortal, eternal, infinite and universal. You are here but for a moment, and even while you are here, you are still immortal. You are still infinite and universal. You have access to a quantum field of the heart. It is right there beating within you. You can breathe rapidly, or you can breathe slowly and deeply. The choice is always yours. Every thought, you have the ability to examine. Every belief system, you can examine and let go of, if it does not work, if it does not elevate you, if it does not bring you peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart.

We have urged you to consider. Perhaps the pinnacle of all of our teachings is about forgiveness, for forgiveness is that place within you where you no longer are attached to outcome in regard to a person who is connected to your story or with regard to you being connected to their story. You have that power that you have within you to follow those voices, whether it be a Saint Catherine or a Saint Mary or a Jesus or some other guru or Angelic Being that comes to you with a voice that says “You must follow this path because it is your destiny and it will bring you great joy, and it will bring you great delight; and you will overcome all the obstacles if you are true to my voice, for I come from within you. I am the voice of your conscience, of your consciousness. I am the voice of your Higher Self.” It does not matter what name is attached to it, for it comes to you through the filter of your Higher Self and it is your voice that will take you to the heights. It will take you to that state of peace, for when everything is said and done, like in the song A Satisfied Mind. Peace of mind, the ability to rest, rest in that peace of the heart; of knowing that you always do your best and then you let go and you allow, and the magic and the serendipity and the ease and grace and the miracle and the flow of abundance begins again.

It is never ending because the Universe does not want you to suffer. The Universe only wants the highest of thriving for you, the blossoming, the great joy in your heart. All of your angels and guides wish for you to experience absolute bliss, that expansion of soul and heart that is attuned to your connection with the divine, your understanding beyond the mind; that you are an expression of God/Goddess, of All That Is. This is a living reality in every breath, in every second. You can feel it in your whole being when you allow yourself to, when you rest in that deep breath. For that is all you have. Each moment, your beating heart and your breathing lungs are signifying that you are alive. The great gift of Heaven for you is this life and it is yours to choose how to optimize it, how to make the most of it, how to bring that joy into it, how to spread that joy and that light and that understanding that everything always works out for the highest good for everyone concerned, even beyond the appearance. For you are Spiritual Warriors. We have said this.

Just as those that were beside me riding into battle knew that this might be their last day upon the Earth, they mustered all their forces. They gathered their forces because they understood that they were moving forward for the sake of a higher purpose, of some destiny; what they called in their hearts “freedom” and that it was necessary to follow through. They did not consider killing to be the wrong or the bad or the evil. It was part of life for them in that moment, in that incarnation. They were soldiers. They did not sit in some suburb and judge that which is good and bad and right and wrong from some perspective of being a, what you call “Baby Boomer,” or “Yuppie.” Their lives were appropriate to the time just as yours are, just as it is still necessary for you to pursue a path of destiny that is your calling, your particular calling, and you must follow through with the voice that is within you.

If you do not have that voice, you must find it. You must go within. You must go into that breath, into that space of peace, of the NoThing. You must go into the warrior mind, into that place of inner calm and ask and wait and listen to that still, small voice before you follow it. Each one has it. No one is denied access to their intuition. You might feel it in your body. It might come as a thought in your mind or you may feel it as some emotion. It will then permeate and begin to take over the whole of you.”

Guru Rinpoche, Excerpt

“Understand that everything begins within yourself. It begins with your commitment, and your commitment begins with your commitment to yourself. Throughout this program we have encouraged you to examine every thought, every assumption, every word and every belief system that you have carried with you. We have asked you to track it. We have asked you to replace the old, unsustainable ones with new ways of seeing. It is time for you again to remember this assignment and to take it up with a little more seriousness, because you are changing. You have changed, and now we wish you to move to the next level of consciousness. Let us say that you have been vacillating between the 3rd and the 4th dimensions with your heart set upon the 5th. It is now time to take that step into understanding that you are expanding your level of consciousness into multidimensionality. You need to keep one toe within the physical dimension, the reality of flesh and blood, where a chair is still a chair and you can bang your head upon it and it will hurt, or you can sit upon it. At another level, everything is just energy. There are atoms, swirling around within vast spaces. And the vibrational energy of an atom exists simultaneously in numerous dimensions. It is important for you to allow quantum consciousness to be a part of your life now.

What that means on a very simple level, is that you start to live with miracle and magic. You start to expect everything to go well. You start to expect to get that job, just because you can, because it is for your highest good. For if it is not for your highest good, the job will fall away. It is time for you to have ease and grace and great abundance in your life even though the voices around you are screaming and screeching and saying “We do not know where our next loaf of bread will come from,” and there are many that are caught within this mindset. It does not have to be yours. There is need for great compassion and yet there is also need to understand that each one creates the reality they experience. This includes everything they hold dear to within their hearts and carry forth into reality through their belief structure. We have asked you to replace those belief systems of limitation, of judgment and of “do not deserve, do not feel worthy;” all those things that you have inherited. Let them go and replace them with a brand-new story, with a brand-new direction, understanding that the law of attraction works. When you focus on the negative, that is what you attract.

When you focus on the positive, your life becomes full of positivity. When you use and drink pure water, when you use the Shungite for your protection and for your enhancement and when you use it to create from a negative vibration, a positive one, you become like living Shungite yourself, you become a transformer of that which is negative into that which is positive. That which brings hope and comfort and joy and peace and benefit, so that those who do not have enough become empowered by your energetic Rainbow Body to believe in themselves enough to have that loaf and those fishes and allow them the power to multiply them, because they no longer are subject to those old stories of “poor me” and “I cannot” and “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve.”

It is also important to recognize the value of creating boundaries, of creating that sphere of protection, but also of allowing yourself and your energetic field to expand to fill that sphere so that your energy system moves outside of you and is able to access the help you require, is able to accept and access the answers to your questions through your communication with these beautiful energies that are here with us. Your guides, your angels, the archangels, the avatars and Holy Beings of Light are all accessible to you from within that sphere. As you expand your light field, you also expand your protective shell, shall we call it. It is not just a one way, it is also, like with the cell, a semi-permeable membrane where the benefits and the beauty and the joy and the gold and the love can come in and the brightness of your light can go out, but negativity, because it is too large of a molecule, shall we say, cannot penetrate through that membrane.

Allow yourself too, with that which is called the “bellows breath,” to breathe out your light, your blessings and your intentions to the outer reaches of the Universe, as far as your consciousness can go. You send out your vibration, and then you call in the help, the resources, the inspiration that now are directed towards you as you breathe back in, so that the bellows breath becomes an automatic extension of your Rainbow Body with each breath. For as you breathe out, you send out your vibration to the edges of your consciousness, and as you breathe in you receive from the Universe the empowerment that you need to expand more and more and more. The bellows breath becomes an amplification system. It becomes a transformer that expands your consciousness and your light out into the world, and it brings you everything your heart desires, everything you need, and it gives you access to the miracles and to the magic, to the ease and grace and abundance, and to the health and to exciting, love- filled relationships.

The three elements of money, of love and of health become filled with blossoming for you, and you are able to let go of any imprints, of any implants, through the voice of your command, through your connection with your highest selves and through your understanding of your oneness with all of life. There is interconnectivity with all life and an ability to expand your selves into this great Oneness. The cellular structure of your body, your emotional body, your mental and your spiritual bodies all to operate as a holistic synergy that’s providing you the greatest benefit, the highest levels of systemic expansion and protection. Your immune system becomes stronger and stronger and the genetics become aligned with your environment of that which you are directing towards it, so that every gene is following the directives of your highest levels of consciousness. That golden light that you call in, that pours in from above and into you from all levels, becomes the way in which your consciousness attracts to you a genetic makeup that is all positive and that does not carry any vibrations from ancestral patterns that are no longer beneficial to your biology.

As you do this, you are also healing your ancestors, you are aligning with the ones of your ancestors that have been shamanic practitioners or medicine people or have been great wise ones and are there to continue to teach you and to help you. And so, you help your ancestors to separate the wheat from the chaff. Those that are still mired in negativity are given the opportunity to expand into light, and those that have been your great teachers are allowed to expand their levels of connection with you so that they become your teachers and you become your teachers’ teachers, and you begin to bring to the children a new level of understanding of what is possible. You teach them how to generate the New Earth, how to create structures that are sustainable and that are pleasant, that bring joy to the heart, that bring mirth, laughter, that bring the end of this heaviness, this doom and gloom and all this seriousness.”

The Christ, Excerpt

“We have stressed for you in the past, over this whole series, the importance of examining your ideas, your assumptions, your belief systems, the very words you use, and the associations that you have with those words. It is important for you to recognize that each one of you is a Grand Central Sun for a whole universe that revolves around you. Imagine that each one of you is a sun in the center of a solar system, whether it be your family or your children, your grandchildren, or it be your friends, your neighbors, or those in your spiritual groups.

Imagine that there are these different kinds of personality types that are all revolving around you and that for the time being you can lay aside your own personality and manifest this energy of comprehension, of integration, of synthesis. Imagine that you are an energy, like a force, like, for instance, the force of the nucleus within the atom that has the power to hold this entire field of energy in place so that it all revolves around you, so that each of the electrons that revolve around your central sun, that each one of them has a particular kind of elemental nature that is different from the others. And so you have your Geminis and you have your Virgos and you have your Scorpios and you have a different approach to how to see things. You have these different perspectives. Just as we have done with this group of 12, we have attempted to give you the broadest spectrum possible of understandings and approaches to essential, basic truth. The truth of Union, the truth of Light and the energy and essence of being the Love of God in expression, and this is what each one of you is.

And so, imagine that you have come, you have gone through all your incarnations and you have gone home to Source and you have been asked to become a sun and to have around you a solar system that you are responsible for shining light upon. You create the life force energy that will begin to develop Gardens of Eden, libraries of manifestation of all sorts of life forces, all sorts of energies, humans, creatures, viruses, bacteria, earthworms, scorpions, turtles, elephants or lions. Imagine that you are the sun that is shining upon your solar system and each planet perhaps has its own satellites or moons, and some planets will have oceans upon them and trees and waters flowing, and other planets will have forms of life that are, perhaps, completely different. Surrounding you is an entire universe and you are the center and it is important that you never stop shining your light, giving your heat. You are receiving the vibrations from another Central Sun that is at a dimensional level beyond yours and yet is feeding you in the same way that you are feeding your planets. And so, you recognize that you are a central sun within your own system; but you are also connected to a ‘hierarchy,’ an entire field, in a hierarchical expansion of other Grand Central Suns that all shine upon other suns and all are shined upon.

We have this interconnectedness that reaches into infinity in both directions, all the way down to the minutest energy beyond atom and the greatest energy beyond the Galaxy, all the way to Source, all the way to the Grand Intelligence of All That Is. “Something” has/had the ability to create such a vastness. There is an Intelligence that is responsible for creating such an incredibly refined, amazing existence in which everything is balanced and poised in a field that is allowed to shift and change and morph and yet constantly maintains a momentum and an equilibrium within which everything is moving.

And yet, within the center is that stillness, that space of the NoThing, the Tao. You might call it the Emptiness, but it is an emptiness from which all Wisdom springs. For it is necessary, in order to even say words, like we are sharing with you, that there must be an emptiness at the center that receives these messages and allows them to come forth. So, each one of you is a sun and an emptiness. Each one of you is a divine potential that is not yet manifest. Each one of you is Source, that spark of divine fire that animated your body, that is your soul, that is your connection to all of life and all this grandeur we are talking about. That spark is the true nature of who you are, and it sparks the Great Fire within you of your central sun; it is your soul connection inwards and outwards, radiating out and radiating in.

We wish you to imagine that which is the external universe, the stars that you see at night that reach out to infinity, that are beyond counting like the sand on the shore, and there is that one shore in front of you, and yet there are so many shores upon your planet, as each one is like a star in the great vastness of infinitude. So too, that expense of infinity exists within you. You can go deeper and deeper and broader and broader into an endless expanse of possibility, of understanding, of knowing, of feeling, of connection that extends within you into infinity. Is this not a great miracle? Is this not the Great Mystery? Can you not feel how powerless and powerful you are at the same time to be that spark, to hold the template of Divinity within you, and allow it to unfold? In a similar way, those two, minute little things, the egg and the sperm come together and then, in a grand explosion of sacred geometry, they begin to multiply and to form, out of the fields of order, everything that is required for the creation of a new life. The mystery is beyond understanding. If you consider this time on your planet, your life at this time, your life right now, it is but a drop in the ocean.

It does not matter who will be president and who will not. It does not matter whose ideas will run the show. Everything is being dismantled that is not sustainable, whatever the appearance. It is just the appearance. Hold your breath for just that half second before you breathe in and recognize that everything will change, that everything can change, and that you can change whatever it is that has been bothering you, just like that, by entering that space of the No Space, of the No Time, of the NoThing in that breath, and recognizing that you are on the threshold of the New Earth and that you cannot allow yourself to be deluded any longer by appearances.

You cannot allow yourself to pay attention to the voices of put-down, of diminishment….”

 Q & A section. Here is an excerpt of the Christ’s answer to one of the questions about lower frequencies, darkness and dark agendas:

“(MS) So what is the purpose of lower frequencies, darkness and dark agendas? Is it purely a contrast to understand what light is and love is?

You are all asking deep questions. We approve. When we talk of the All That Is, when we look at the soul; when we consider the subject of free will, you understand that Creator, the intelligence which created All That Is, whatever name you give it; this intelligence created everything to be what it is. Darkness has been defined as the absence of light. It is necessary in the highest gift-giving that is possible for a soul, that Creator (we will just call it that) gave to each soul free will. IT gave them the ability to choose. Some chose to hide in the darkness because the light somehow triggered them, and they experienced a sense of isolation that was so deep and powerful because they could not handle the recognition of themselves as light. It is almost as if things had to divide up into polarization in order for movement to happen, and so the wholeness separated into Yin/Yang. There is always the seed of the one within the other, the potential for one to morph into the other.

There is always the possibility that a great Light, that a human who has attained the highest levels of consciousness, of avatar, of Bodhisattva, could descend into depths of darkness just as it is possible that one who has groveled in the deepest, darkest density and has performed the greatest atrocities possible could ascend to the Realms of Light somewhat like the Prodigal Son, you might say, and return to their pristine nature as God’s Light in expression. The gift of free will allows everything to exist without judgment. It is as if the sun will shine upon everything equally. And there may be energies that are hidden in shadow, because something has been placed in the path of the light waves. It is not going to stop the sun from shining. It is still the choice of those energies to hide behind something, density, to allow them to have a particular experience. The ‘Free Will Experiment’ allows souls to choose between light and dark. It is also there intentionally for the possibility of a soul to grow, and expand into greater and greater light consciousness through the experience of suffering. Suffering has resulted from the descent into darkness and density. This has generated the conditions for a soul to experience tremendous suffering in order that they could grow into a commensurate field of light and love and of compassion.

So, each one holds within their hands the possibility, the potential for all directions, for all experience and has been given the ability to choose. The gift of Creation essentially is free will. You are transcending the Free Will Experiment and moving towards the Free Heart Experience in a new field of order, shall we say. It does not deny one’s choice, but it creates a vibrational field that allows you to experience a new model of living in human form. Living from the heart, in such a way that you can experience ease and grace, love and connection, cooperation, and peace, without the need for that old experience of suffering in order to grow as a soul.

Up to this point, the fastest way for souls to grow, to expand into greater light, has been the experience of coming into density and suffering. This has generated the greatest amount of, what in Buddhist terms is called merit. When a soul experiences the great Light of Creator all the time, experiences itself as part of God or Goddess all the time, soul growth is very slow in terms of so-called time, and the acceleration that suffering provided, was necessary. Plus, you have cycles of karma that has been accumulated through harming others and the generation and causing of suffering. In order to move through this and move beyond it, it is necessary to come to a balance point where the karma gets cleared. We alluded to this the last time, that what is happening on your planet and why, in fact, the dark energies are serving the higher plan through their insidious intentions, is because they have set in motion, not just the disintegration of the old systems, but the balancing out of old karmic patterns that require suffering to see them through to the New Earth. Does that make sense?

Message from Raphael’s Sunday morning Journal for the group.
This message was given in meditation on September 27th, 2020 for the channeling session of Old Chinese, the 7th Voice of The New Earth Council. It seemed particularly appropriate for the beginning of the New Year.63129342579__13992B70-FA01-47ED-B077-38D2FBDF821F

            It is important to see yourself through new eyes, the eyes of the New Earth coming into manifestation through the soul expansion and growth that is now part and parcel of the journey towards wholeness. As each one grapples with the issues of their lives, as each one seeks balance and fulfillment, wholeness, and the reason for their presence on the Earth at this time, it is important to consider and evaluate where you stand now and what you have come to recognize, understand and realize as a part and aspect of the newness. For it has been emphasized how important it is to let go of the story; your individual story and the herstory and history of what you have come to believe as truth, as the nature of the realities and norms and behaviors that are connected with and associated with the belief systems that have been imprinted and inculcated into you as reflections of the old paradigms that are now screaming to be replaced.

             So, you have come to this time in your life where you are experiencing a new level of trust, of expansion and of evolution. There is a new confidence building in your cells, in your selves, that is now becoming the new sense of what it is possible for you to achieve and be. It is a new phase, a new threshold that is being presented for you to merely step through, to embrace and to feel in your heart. Because nothing that is not sustainable can last. Ease and grace, self-love and the recognition of your beauty must now replace guilt and shame. The sense of being undeserving and needing to please others, must go. You are the expression of God’s Love, the Divine Essence of All That Is in the fullest sense of the idea, of these words.

            You cannot allow your mind to constantly diminish your sense of worth, your self-authority and your intuition. You are the authority of your life. There is no higher, no other truth than the one inside your heart, and your constant practice needs to be to unleash the full realization of your power as a sovereign soul and the expression of your soul’s purpose. It is the time for pleasure, for satisfaction of mind and heart, for love and beauty, ease and grace, for prosperity, reconciliation and forgiveness.

            We are asking you to abandon your grudges, your judgments and your entanglements. Where you cannot forgive or reconcile, walk away, release, say goodbye. You tried. You did your best and now it is all in the hands of the Goddess, in the soft hands of your divine inner wisdom, receptivity and allowance to recognize that the Karma is finished, the struggle is over, the storybook is closed and you are ready for a new life. No more stories, only the adventure of the New Earth. Move now beyond fear. Surround yourself with the mantle of gold of the divine connection that protects you and keeps you out of and beyond fear and allows you to trust the guidance and wisdom of the Angels and Holy Ones that surround you, guide you and are ever at your service. There is no right nor wrong, only your deep knowing of which path to take for yourself, what to believe and what beliefs to drop. You are always guided. As you release the power and attention you have given to the negative voices in your mind, you create space in your cells, in your body and in your emotional field to have everything your heart desires to be made manifest, without effort, without fear and without worry or angst. Know that we are loving you, that we are at your side and that we work on your behalf, because we can, to bring you the fruition and blossoming that you so desire. We love you. You are precious. We are One.

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