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The Emotion Code® is a powerful system for the release of trapped emotions from the body. I have used it for many years on both animals and humans with remarkable results after reading Dr Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code. I have been so impressed with the efficacy of the system that I decided to do the online practitioner training program and am now a certified Emotion Code® practitioner, offering a number of options for those wanting to transform their lives and free themselves from debilitating trapped emotions that are the root cause of many physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues.

Often these unconscious trapped emotions can cause havoc in people’s lives and can also constitute a “Heart Wall.”  When a person experiences severely distressing emotional experiences such as trauma, abuse, loss and heartache, etc. that are too difficult to process at the time, these emotions become trapped in the body, and can lodge in any location in the body such as an organ, muscle, bone, ligament or gland. Sometimes the emotions can have size and weight and be palpable as a solid mass in that part of the body. Over time, we accumulate quite a load of emotional baggage that limits our freedom and well-being.

Often, like bricks in a wall, painful emotions can also get layered around the heart to form a protective “Heart Wall” to keep the person “safe” from the unbearable pain. This can result in a closed heart and inability to form intimate connections in relationships. It also leads to a tendency to see the world through filter of the mind, always trying to figure things out without the ability to discern or tune into their natural intuition. In most cases this limits the person’s ability to have a healthy and fulfilling life. Before we can release the emotions that are trapped in the body itself, it is necessary to release the trapped emotions from the Heart Wall. Sometimes, releasing even a few trapped emotions from the Heart Wall can make a huge difference in a client’s life.

How it works:

The subconscious mind has access to every detail of a person’s life and knows the cause and remedy for every issue. Like a super, super computer, the subconscious has the ability to access this information and knows what is best for the client, and what they are ready to process and release. The practitioner can access this information through muscle testing (kinesiology), receiving answers in the form of a “yes” or a “no.” The practitioner can then release the trapped emotion through divine assistance and intention by passing a magnet or hand over a portion of the client’s central meridian, once all information has been explored and the emotion is ready to be released.

We identify the emotion from a chart of 60 emotions and their associated originating organ or gland. We can then explore details such as at what age an incident resulted in a trapped emotion, who else was involved and other details. Once we receive clearance from the subconscious mind that we no longer need further information, we clear the emotion by passing the magnet over the central meridian 3 or 10 times, depending on which of the 6 different types of trapped emotion is involved. This process can be done on animals as well as humans, and can be done in person, through a surrogate, or by proxy over the phone or virtually from a distance.

The 6 types of trapped emotions are Common, Inherited, Absorbed, Pre-natal, Shared and Pre-conception. Often some of these trapped emotions reveal fascinating source information. Inherited and Pre-conception emotions often can be identified as going back multiple generations to a particular ancestor or past lifetime and many of these can be pinpointed to a verifiable individual from past centuries. Some clients have found interesting validations as to the history of these individuals from their own or their ancestors’ lives. Click on this link to book a session and see options:

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You can also learn to do this process on your friends and family by reading The Emotion Code book and practicing what you learn. If you would like to become a practitioner, you can sign up for the course by clicking on my affiliate link and I will receive a small commission.