Channeled Courses

Because we are living in such pivotal times, my guides have been intensifying their outreach to assist those on the planet who are shining their light and preparing to become leaders and teachers at an increasingly higher and higher level. We have just recently, in November of 2020, completed a series of 13 sessions in which I channeled 12 voices who, together with the 13th Voice, The Christ, represent the New Earth Council. You can read excerpts of these messages on the blog page of this website and an introduction to the first series on The New Earth Council page.

Each session ran for 2 hours and included a message followed by answers to questions from the attendees, both personal and general. The Messages, Q&A and the introduction and the channeled messages I received asking to receive and bring forward these voices are all being transcribed, edited and collated into a book currently.

Here are a few testimonials from those who attended the first series of The New Age Council:

              During the 12 week series, Raphael and his channeled wisdom, became the tender-hearted and loving “evolutionary driver” that ignited me to significantly expand the sharing of my Light and Vibration into the world.                                                                                          Maya Shaw Gale, energy healer, spiritual life coach, poet, Water priestess

‘I had the honor of being in Raphael’s 12 week class – no words can describe Raphael’s humility, wisdom and peace he brings to his profound sessions. He is a gifted spiritual counselor and embodies spirit with a smile.’                                                                         Neerja

On November 19th, 2020 I was asked to receive another 12 voices, to ‘multiply” all these

voices so they become 144 and then allow them to coalesce into One Voice. The  new series is called “The Companions.” I have placed a gallery of some of the voices, previous and upcoming on this page.

These sessions are now complete. The first set of 13 voices by The New Earth Council has been transcribed and published as a book, The Path of the Spiritual Warrior by The New Earth Council. The Companions course will also be transcribed and edited as a second volume.

In the meantime, the guides continue to teach and channel messages every alternate Tuesday evening. Please visit the Events page and blog page for current information, and to view the YouTube recorded messages from this series. You can delve a little deeper in the drop-down menu of the Channeling button.has