The Companions


You are invited to join me on a new course as we receive the messages from the second series of 12 voices and weave their messages and answers to your questions together with the first 12 voices of the New Earth Council into a comprehensive combination of wisdom and guidance encompassing the 144 and then assisting in their amalgamation into the One Voice.

I invite you to join me in this process of the amalgamation of the first and second group of 12 voices and their coalescence into the One Voice. We begin this journey on Tuesday the 12th January, 2021 at 5:30 PM MST via Zoom.  The course is by sliding scale $150- 300. Register here for the 13 week Zoom course and please use this PayPal link for your subscription blessing after 1st January, 2021. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom or have questions or concerns, feel free to call me at (575) 770-1228. This is an International Course and you are welcome to join from anywhere in the Galaxy.

Below is a list of the 12 new “Voices” in the order that I received them. I will post a brief summary of who each voice is or represents before the class. We will follow this order.

  1. The Templar
  2. The Master
  3. Mother Mary
  4. Mother Earth
  5. Shiva/Kali
  6. The Ones with No Names
  7. Herman Rednick
  8. Judas
  9. Archangel Raphael
  10. The Prophet
  11. Chief Joseph
  12. Ay

Here are a few testimonials from those who attended the first series of The New Age Council:

              During the 12 week series, Raphael and his channeled wisdom, became the tender-hearted and loving “evolutionary driver” that ignited me to significantly expand the sharing of my Light and Vibration into the world.                                                                                                             Maya Shaw Gale, energy healer, spiritual life coach, poet, Water priestess

‘I had the honor of being in Raphael’s 12 week class – no words can describe Raphael’s humility, wisdom and peace he brings to his profound sessions. He is a gifted spiritual counselor and embodies spirit with a smile.’                                                           Neerja


I was fortunate to join Raphael in his first channeling of The New Earth Council. He is a very dear soul that has been singled out by The New Earth Council and The Companions to represent them and to relay their information with genuineness and love, offering answers to many questions and guidance when requested by those in attendance. His messages are divinely channeled and contain enormous amounts of wisdom and love that is certainly needed at this time. I highly recommend his sessions.
Charlotte Roscher