Santa Fe Global Water Festival

  • Santa Fe Global Water Festival


  • Vision:
    • A world of clean, pure and healthy water available for all life systems to flourish. A world in which humans respect and steward the water resources of the planet and the life forms that inhabit and depend on these resources. Through our common agreement, commitment and action, humans restore the water systems to their pristine state through harmony with all the elements of Nature, wise management practices and education



  • Mission:
    • To promote respect and honor for all life, beginning with water. To understand what is needed to provide sustainable, healthy water for all life systems. To form alliances that support the vision and establish strategies for its implementation; to draft agreements as bases for action and commitments that empower them towards fulfillment. To have fun, celebrate our interconnectedness and experience how cultures around the world honor and relate to water through music, art, dance, performance and ceremony. To explore and discover the great mystery of water.


  • Concept:
    • As we remember our oneness we come together to re-establish heaven on earth
  • By recognizing that we create our own reality, we engage the process of restoration
  • When we come together in cooperative endeavor, our power is so great that the new reality we create is what we want from our heart and soul for ourselves, everyone, and everything. Grace is allowed to work its healing magic within and without. Water is our most powerful, magnificent and effective ally for achieving this and our restoration begins with her. In our mutual love, water and we together transform the realationship between humans and the Earth. Our desire and intent to reverse the collective damage we have inflicted on life is in harmony and alignment with a great shift that is taking place in our world. We are part of that shift. Our contribution is our gift to Creation in gratitude for life .We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.
    • By bringing together in one container an array of resources, options and understandings in relationship to water, we initiate a broad grassroots alliance and strategy for restoration of our waters on all levels. The broader the alliance, the easier the process. We celebrate and honor our connection with water, with each other and with the Earth. Our coming together in fun, music, art, performance, healing, conversation, information, ceremony, agreement and commitment, will contribute to the manifestation of this vision.


  • A ten day Festival in Santa Fe focused on all aspects of water.
  • Events starts on Friday and ends Sunday the following weekend
  • Includes speakers and conversations, workshops, forums and plenary sessions, music, art, dance, poetry, performance, ceremony, exhibitors and demonstrations. Indoors and out depending on the weather, possibly multiple venues around town
  • Target possible timeframes:            March 22nd 2014 is World Water Day.   School involvement is essential – therefore preferable when schools are in session.     It is also important to schedule the dates to coincide with availability of Dr Emoto, Krishna Madappa and their scientific colleagues to come out to Santa Fe. Recommended to view the DVD The Great Mystery of Water
  • A Collaboration with the City of Santa Fe/ The Pueblos and with the United Nations (World Water Day).
  • Alliance and sponsorships with numerous scientific, indigenous, cultural, artistic, consciousness-raising , ecological, wildlife, advocacy, metaphysical, educational etc organizations and individuals
  • A Water Interest Group has been formed as a first step towards actualizing the vision. Next step would be the establishment of a Santa Fe Water Resource Center as a meeting/demonstration space and to disseminate information, books, DVDs etc on water consciousness. The festival can be organized from this space. Co-operatively owned and managed in collaboration with local and global agencies and organizations . Regular public water awareness meetings and talks.
  • Development of programs for schools and establishment of interest groups at local colleges.
  • 5 and 10 year plan with location initially alternating between various countries and (eventually or immediately) being held simultaneously in numerous locales around the world.
  • Development of proposals by action groups and the formation of a “Global water parliament” to draft and oversee a new water policy globally.
  • The blessing of the water “experiment” with scientific (and spiritual) technology and global link up – Measuring the impact of consciousness on water.-
  • Consensus, facilitation and team leadership training
  • The correct management and funding container needs to be identified or created.
  • Seed money for laying the foundation is required, initially around $10,000, mostly for salaries and office space.
  • Promotional video material from previous events ( LiveAsOne11/11/11, a visit with Krishna Madappa, Water tours, etc.) can be used for promotion.
  • Originally drafted June 13th, 2012. Updated October 17th, 2012.    Raphael Weisman      (575) 770 1228

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