11/11/11       What’s all that about?

Have you ever had an experience where you have just been thinking about someone, and then they call you, and then you notice that the clock has 11:11 on its face, staring at you. Or you just had an epiphany, and there again is that number on the dial. And you feel as though there is something special or magical going on. Many associate the number with Angels. This year in a few days’ time, the date will be 11/11/11. Many, many people around the world feel some special connection to this number and to the feeling that something BIG is going on, something we have not experienced before.

Well, this is about the number ONE, the BIG NUMBER ONE, not the alone 1, but the ALL-ONE 1. Eleven (11) is regarded in numerology (the study of the significance of numbers) as the number of Mastery. It can also be seen as a higher octave of ONE (1) where the solitude and separation in the one gets resolved in the larger reality of ONE; Unity consciousness, recognizing that between the two ones of the number 11 is a space. This is why the number also represents a portal, a gateway, an opening. Like the two pillars of the Temple, they hold up the universe. Those who study sacred geometry and the physicists recognize an underlying order that can be seen through number. Many religions believe in some form of Divine plan or order underlying our universe. In simple language, we can call it the Design, an unfolding that is in process, an evolutionary process that all life is experiencing.

This is what I see behind the excitement around 11/11/11. It is not about the numbers and any esoteric explanation for how the planets, the Earth and the center of the Galaxy are lining up, or the ending of the cycles foretold by the Mayans or the Tibetans or the ancient prophecies of doom. This is about a focused moment where we can experience our oneness with all life because all life is going to be paying attention on that day. When we connect with each other and with the other species or the elements and affirm Life, all Life gets the message that we are beginning a new cycle. Humankind is awakening. Time is different now. We are able to see beyond polarity. The people are stepping forward and saying yes, and saying no. We are redefining our place on the Earth and remembering our connection; our interconnectedness.

Within each of us are memories encoded in our cells, in our DNA. They are the repository of our traumas and our joys, our past and our lineage and they also have a connection to our future. If you could see y/ourself holographically, then you can understand more easily. In a holograph, each piece or slice or pixel carries an exact replica of the whole. So our bodies are also our memory banks and also hold the awareness of our future. These things exist within a reality where time is not linear but circular or spiral. Within that which I shall call the Divine Plan, there are codes within the body’s memory banks that are waiting to be activated when certain criteria are present. This is a time in history these codes have been waiting for. The triggers are both internal and external, within, from our consciousness, and without, from the force of change impinging on us, globally, geographically and socially.

Another way to view this, is by looking at reality, Divinity, and the experience of being human, not from a perspective of good or bad, right or wrong, but simply as levels of density. When you feel upset or depressed, you can actually feel heaviness, density. When you are alive and full and excited, you feel lighter. The food we eat, the thoughts we think, many things determine our state of density. So 11/11/11 being about Mastery, is bringing about an influx of Light, and therefore of lighter density. We are more easily able to see through the veils, like on Halloween! We are able to receive the greater Light that is pouring down on us from cosmic forces and such things as the photon (light) belt, which this planet is meant to be moving through.

Eastern religions talk about the Kali Yuga, that there are great cycles of around 186,000 years called yugas, and the Kali Yuga is one of darkness and density and destruction. Well, the word is that 11/11/11 marks the moment when the balance clearly shifts. When our holographic understanding allows us to experience our interconnectedness with the Whole, with past and future, old and new, male and female, Human and Divine, Heaven and Earth. It is called The Coming Together of the Ages. This event Live As One, Occupy The Heart, is about offering an opportunity to feel, celebrate and experience this coming together in the spirit of inclusiveness, co-operation, collaboration and fun. As we link together with the millions around the world who are celebrating, praying, blessing and meditating through our hearts, we are changing the fabric of reality to amplify this Oneness. The animals, the Earth, the waters, the elements will get the message that Humanity has turned an evolutionary corner and will celebrate with us. The Angels will be celebrating too. Keep one eye open for that 11:11 signal on your dial.

Many blessings and Peace.

Raphael Weisman

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