Healing The Scars

Healing the Scars

Healing The Scars, Inc. is a New Mexico Non-Profit organization whose mission is to assist those affected by war, violence and abuse through the transformative modality called HeartThread that releases conditioned patterns and imprints from the body and mind. When used in collaboration with other healing and therapeutic modalities, those affected by PTSD and other symptoms can find greater relief and restoration of balance, self assurance and self esteem. The goal of Healing The Scars is to establish trauma healing centers around the world that use this collaborative model for healing from trauma and suffering. HeartThread provides a way to regain self authority so one can live a healthy, empowered life. Physical and emotional patterns are often relieved through HeartThread, which operates through the quantum field of the heart. This is a field of unconditional love that generates safety so these patterns can be released with ease and grace.

Treatment includes a variety of disciplines that work synergistically to offer relief and a new life direction through the release of patterns that have been inculcated through traumatic experience. HeartThread is used in conjunction with Psychotherapy, Art, Music and Dance Therapies, drama, gardening and time with animals. Treatments are supplemented with follow up mentorships, group support systems and even some vocational training where possible. 

IMG_0892Residential programs, retreats, training in HeartThread and other modalities and traveling teams of practitioners that provide services and training and establish centers around the world, and more, will all evolve from the original program as it grows.

Healing The Scars, Inc. is a New Mexico non-profit corporation under the Umbrella of Soul Support Systems, Inc, the source for HeartThread and the licensing and certification organization. Healing The Scars will become a Federal tax exempt non profit in due course.

You can find out more about Healing The Scars and HeartThread on Healing The Scars’s dedicated website www.HealingTheScars.org

We also have rekindled the FaceBook Group, which was established in 2010 at the time of organizing Live As One on 11/11/11 in Santa Fe. Become a member : https://www.facebook.com/groups/126521207365416/about/