Water 11/11/11

The Blessed Water Project

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The Blessing of the Waters

Like us, water exists in forms that are both visible and non-visible. Our bodies are comprised of mostly water. Water has been shown to be a carrier of information. Dr Masaru Emoto , in his seminal book, “Messages from Water”,  has demonstrated how our consciousness can affect water. Dr Emoto examined frozen drops of water that had been exposed to different words under a microscope. The images of water that have been prayed over or had the words “love” or “gratitude”, for example, written on or placed beneath the container, show beautiful snowflake patterns, whereas words like “hate” produce an ugly, misshapen image. Similarly different kinds of music can produce divergent patterns. When unwholesome water was prayed over and blessed, the pattern transformed from distorted to coherent and beautiful.

This clearly demonstrates why, being mostly water, we are affected by our thoughts, words, beliefs and feelings, both positively and negatively, consciously and unconsciously! This affects our reality. When we bless water, the benevolence we imprint into it can be transmitted and communicated. Water can carry our prayers and blessings, spreading them further afield through the biological activity of breathing and the global hydrological cycles. Our conscious inbreath and outbreath circulate our blessing through the vapors connecting the inner and the outer. A body of water such as a creek, river, lake or ocean can carry our prayers far afield when we direct our blessings into it. Our consciousness can restore bodies of water and affect climate. So too, blessed water can benefit us. Each time we give thanks and bless a glass of water, we receive the benefit as we drink or share it.

On 11/11/11 we are asking people all around the Earth to bless the waters in their vicinity in appreciation of this precious life-giving resource, as we express our Love and Gratitude for water and join together through the fibers of our hearts in a moment of solidarity with all life.

Water brothers Krishna Madappa and Raphael Weisman

We have been collecting waters and essences from sacred sources such as holy wells, springs and power sites around the world and blending it with waters that have been blessed by Spiritual Masters, Teachers and Holy men and women such as the Dalai Lama, Ammachi and many others. The “Mother Water” also contains the vibration of Holy Beings and Buddhist Saints, through essences they have blessed, past and present as well as “Oneness Water” blessed by the Magdalene. We will continue to gather waters from sacred sites and blessed waters to add to the “Mother” mix. ONE DROP of this water carries the vibration and blessings imbued in this Blessed Water through the ability of water to hold memory and communicate consciousness. We invite you to gather your own waters and participate in Water blessing ceremonies and endeavors around the world

The Blessings of the Waters and the growing interest and awareness of these properties that water carries, is a major theme for the experience of Live As One, Honoring All Life as well as a focus on the special creatures with whom we share the oceans, such as the dolphins and whales. Krishna Madappa, of the Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability (IsssTaos.org),  has the technology to scientifically measure and demonstrate the affect of the combined  intent of millions of people around the world directing their blessings, love and gratitude towards containers of water on 11/11/11.

We have invited Dr Emoto, author of “Hidden Messages from Water”, to lead a Blessing of the Waters on 11/11/11. He and Krishna Madappa of Taos NM work together in the forefront of the field of water research and are both featured in the 2008 DVD “Water The Great Mystery” (www.waterthemovie.com)

Thank you

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