In the 1970s when I lived in London, I became involved with a Guide called Chung Fu, who referred to himself as “Old Chinese“. He spoke through a full trance medium, taking over his body during the sessions, speaking with a distinctive drawl. He told us that his last incarnation was as a disciple of Chuang Tsu. The stories and teachings that came from him have stayed with me all my life, fondly and profoundly, for their truth and spiritual wisdom were timeless and many decades ahead of their time in the incipient evolution of consciousness I have been witness to. He spoke of crystals, cataclysmic cycles, Avatars, mega vitamin therapy, food combination, ancient civilizations, numerology, 33 energies, teleportation….. and on and on. It was one of the most exciting periods of my life. Our involvement took us to places we would never have imagined going, and eventually my wife and I were invited to the USA to be part of the organization’s project in Irvine, CA.

Within a year, the project folded and Old Chinese left the medium, telling us that he was the gardener, we were the fruit trees that he had cultivated and now was the time to go out into the world and live what we had been taught, – the fruit. A number of years ago, I began to become a conscious channel myself and Old Chinese showed up to offer a 6 part series of channeled messages on becoming a spiritual warrior. These days, I rarely channel specific Beings, like Chung Fu, John Henry, Mary Magdalene, or The Christ specifically. The ones who currently transmit messages and answer my clients’ questions are a collective of all my guides who refer to themselves as The Angels, Light Beings from a very high level of Consciousness.

However, when a dear friend sent me a link to an interview with Sally Pullinger, a trance medium living in Glastonbury, UK, who channels Chung Fu, I was very excited to listen to the recording. Much of the interview was about crystals as aids to ascension. Specifically, he talked about the dangers of radiation from electronic devices, WiFi, and especially the 5G networks that were being promoted and proliferated around the world. He strongly advocated the use of Shungite as a protection against this harmful EMF radiation. I had been exposed to Shungite many years ago and bought a Shungite bracelet, which I gave as a gift to someone.IMG_0119

It so happened, that I was planning a trip to The Netherlands in September, last year (2019) and as my dear Mother-in-Law lives in London, I decided I wanted to go to Glastonbury and meet Sally and connect with Old Chinese again. I had fond memories of a previous trip there and other synchronicities and friends conspired to make the trip a worthwhile endeavor. Plus I found Sally and her family delightful to meet and was able to share about my earlier experiences of Old Chinese. I received one of the most profound and healing sessions ever from him and am so grateful to Sally for making it possible in spite of a full schedule.


Chung Fu depicted by an artist friend of Sally Pullinger

Last Sunday, I attended a beautiful channeling webinar as part of their monthly series and at the end we had some discussion about Shungite and its ability to help the bees and the birds affected by the EMF interference patterns, and the necessity to create interconnected networks of Shungite, both physically and energetically to assist both creatures and humans. As “luck” would have it, recently an old friend and jeweler was visiting Santa Fe and was selling Shungite. It felt very serendipitous and I acquired a quantity of items so that I could make it available and become an advocate for this remarkable mineral, Nature’s “Miracle Stone of Life”. I currently sell Shungite items from my office in Santa Fe, NM.

Please call for more details about the Shungite items currently available or to make an appointment to view and purchase at my office.

(575) 770 1228        

This page is a work in progress.

IMG_0195Items currently available: (each)

  1. Cell phone stick on disc – $10
  2. Pyramids: Small Equilateral pyramid – 3 cm base  – $15                                            Large Equilateral Pyramid – 15cm base – $250                                                            High pyramid (3 cm base) – $25                                                                                        High pyramid (8 cm base) – $48
  3. Tumbled Shungite stones – $5
  4. Bracelets – small (8mm beads) – $20 .                                                                                                 – large (14mm beads and nuggets) – $35
  5. Necklaces – (10mm beads) – 15″ – $48                                                                                                                                – 18 ” – $65
  6. Spheres – 5 cm – $40                                                                                                                               12 cm – $250 . Bases $5
  7. Pendants: – Noble (Elite) Shungite nuggets on black cord – $35                                  (Various Silver chains and black leather cord necklaces ($15) also available)
  8. Specialty jewelry pendants: Noble Shungite pendant in silver setting – $45        Pendant in Silver wrap setting: Herkimer Diamond/Amonite/Shungite – $85        Elite Shungite in Silver spiral cage –  $70                                                                        Double Terminated silver mounted pendants – $20                                                    Crystal Shungite (Higher quality) silver mounted pendants -$40
  9. Buddha – Black casting on thick Shungite base – $50
  10. Earrings – Double Terminated, silver mounted – $45 pair                                                             Crystal Shungite, silver mounted – $65 pair
  11. Pendulums – $20

To order by mail, please add $10 for shipping and handling and we will ship your order via Priority Mail. New Mexico residents, please add tax (8.4375%) Please note the link will take you to my PayPal HeartThread link) I recommend you call or email to verify that we have your item in stock.

(575) 770 1228        


IMG_0193Possibly the MOST RARE and USEFUL STONE of it’s time! 

Russian Scientists dubbed it “The Miracle Stone of Life”  ‘Fullerene’


Shungite originally drew attention because water in the area of this stone had become notorious for it’s miraculous abilities. People who lived near it had exceptional health and longevity. Others would travel great distances to experience relief from a vast variety of ailments by immersing in and drinking the water near the stones source. They even found Animals would literally seek out the miracle stone and lick it. Because of the wonders of Shungite a King built his palace on the location of it’s source.  

Regina Martino of Paris, is a geobiologist and bioenergy expert specializing in stones and crystals. She cites many double-blind scientific and medical studies on shungite, revealing why. Shungite contains fullerenes, which recent research shows are able to slow both the growth of cancer cells and the development of AIDS. It’s no wonder this stone has become so popular with the scientists, medical researchers.  People who are lucky enough to own a piece of Shungite often cherish it as the rare gift from the earth that it is. Shungite is high in carbon so each piece is unique and displays beautiful conchoidal fractures

Peter the great had each of his soldiers carry one of the stones possibly being a contributor to their successful victories. 



 Shungite is an electro-conductive rock. The research by Tula Scientific and Research Institute “New Medical Technologies” has shown that the presence of shungite materials close to the source of cellular frequency radiation significantly weakens their effect on the human body. Additionally Shungite is the only known source of Fullerenes, known for being the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Today, doctors have great hopes for fullerenes. 


Wow! Shungite contains the entire periodic table! 

Among the plethora of ailments this stone is known to be helpful with imbalances such as allergies, acne headaches, and much more. One that particularly stands out is it’s ability to helps ‘sensitives’ adjust to the harshness of modern society. 

 WHAT IS BEING SAID: all the information below is not our wording but interesting excerpts from what is published and known about 


Currently shungite attracts many scientists as a promising material for solution of many complex environmental problems and improvement of the environment in the modern world.

Shungite is:

• a natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity with regards to many serious illnesses and suppress the development of many allergic diseases;

• a sorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and from excess of free radicals;

• a catalyst, which ensures decomposition of organic substances sorbed and restoration of the sorption properties;

• a carrier of wide range of microelements and biologically active substances, intensifying biological processes in the bodies of human beings and animals;

• a material, actively interacting with electromagnetic fields of different nature (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geopathogenic, biofields) and neutralizing their negative impact.

It possesses:

• absorptive activity, the ability to absorb substances from the environment; 

• bactericidal action;

• high level of adhesion, the ability to connect with any substance;

• anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effects;

• radio shield properties;

• electroconductivity;

• ability to absorb oxygen, actively interact with it at the room temperature in water and in the air.

– Researches of shungite have also shown that direct contact of the stone with the human body ensures relief from pain and releases from a number of serious illnesses, especially of musculoskeletal system, any skin deceases, contributes to a rapid healing of cuts, etc.

Taking into account its healing properties, shungite is successfully being used in medicine, ecology, agriculture, water supply, metallurgy, energetics, chemical and construction industries. 

 Long experience of using shungite, its healing properties and high effect of protection from electromagnetic radiation, allowed to create a shungite room for adaptation and psycho-emotional correction, for both adults and children. Recovery is the main effect of the shungite room.

Staying in such a room enhances the overall vitality and body resistance, improves work efficiency of healthy individuals. This gives an opportunity to use shungite rooms for physical and psychological rehabilitation and non-medical recovery of human beings. Shungite room can also correct the energy bio-field of a person.

Such shungite rooms are constructed in St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, in Petrozavodsk, in the spa center “White Springs”, in the office of the company “Pritsero P” in Moscow, in Saratov. There are also a shungite room in the prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”, where the guards visit this room for 20-30 minutes to relieve fatigue after the shifts.

The shungite room constructed in Beslan school No.1 in 2006 has shown amazing results. It became a unique generator of life force to those who have survived the the well-known Beslan tragedy (the seizure of children in this school by terrorists in 2004). The smiles of children, their colorful drawings that symbolize the good and the friendship, sunshine and flowers, the improvement of emotional status of teachers and parents of children who have experienced this tragedy are the best evidence of surprising properties shungite, the “stone-comforter”, as it is known here. These properties were confirmed here in full.

 “This stone, which possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties, brings more pure and spiritual pleasure. Just contemplation of it calms down and comforts. It literally absorbs negative energy while emitting only positive. “

IMG_0221(From the book by M. Polevaya “Shungite – the magic stone of health “)

CrystalPedia says:

“The healing properties of Shungite have labeled it a miracle stone. Therefore, it is the one stone that everyone should have in their medicine bag, because of its a

“Shungite (may help) cure, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates the growth. It kills and devours anything that harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is good. The scholars who have studied Shungite in one voice declare, it is a miracle! ” bility to purify, charge, protect, (may) cure, induce recovery, stabilize, heal and promote growth to all living organisms. It also purifies water of almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful micro-organisms.”

From the book by A. Doronina “Shungite – the stone-savior”

“This stone, which possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties, brings more pure and spiritual pleasure. Just contemplation of it calms down and comforts. It literally absorbs negative energy while emitting only positive. ” 

(From the book by M. Polevaya “Shungite – the magic stone of health “

  A book by