I had been exposed to Shungite many years ago at the Tucson Gem Show, and bought a Shungite bracelet. I was told it was good protection from Electromagnetic frequencies, but the bracelet caught the hairs on my wrist, so I gave it as a gift to a friend. Many years later, a dear friend sent me a link to an interview with Sally Pullinger, a trance medium living in Glastonbury, UK, who channels Chung Fu, an Old Chinese Guide. I was very excited to listen to the recording as I had had a previous relationship with “Old Chinese” through a different medium in London and California, and Chung Fu proved to be the same Guide, although with a different tone and demeanor. Much of the interview was about crystals as aids to ascension. Specifically, he talked about the dangers of radiation from electronic devices, WiFi, and especially the 5G networks that were being promoted and proliferated around the world. He strongly advocated the use of Shungite as a protection against this harmful EMF radiation.

Chung Fu by a friend of Sally

It so happened, that I was planning a trip to The Netherlands in September of 2019 and a visit to London, so I decided to go to Glastonbury and meet Sally and connect with Old Chinese again. I had fond memories of a previous trip there and other synchronicities and friends conspired to make the trip a worthwhile endeavor. I found Sally and her family delightful and was able to share about my earlier experiences of Old Chinese. I received one of the most profound and healing sessions ever from him and am so grateful to Sally.

An old friend and jeweler was visiting Santa Fe soon after my return and was selling Shungite. It felt very serendipitous and I acquired a quantity of items so that I could make it available and become an advocate for this remarkable mineral, Nature’s “Miracle Stone of Life”. I currently sell Shungite items from my office in Santa Fe, NM and am creating a business called Santa Fe Shungite.

Please call for more details about the Shungite items currently available or to make an appointment to view and purchase at my office. I continually expand my selection, can ship or drop ship special large size orders.

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Here is a recent testimonial:

Hi Raphael;   It has been very surprising to me that from the first full day of placing the Shungite around my home (and especially wearing the necklace) that my energy and clarity have increased. (I noticed that the one day I did not wear the necklace that the clarity was reduced.) I have not been experiencing the afternoon slump that I had been, the level of brain clarity throughout the day is better and I am less tired in the evenings. In fact, I have reduced my total sleep time! Shungite has been an amazing addition to my life and I am very grateful for it!      Karen Larée, Publisher, Truly Alive Magazine


Shungite is a Black Carbon-based stone that is found only in one area of the Planet, near the village of Shun’ga, on the shores of Onega Lake in the Russian part of Karelia, close to Finland. From the earliest times the waters flowing over the black rock were noted to have healing and life-giving properties, both by humans and animals. People who lived near it had exceptional health and longevity. Others would travel great distances to experience relief from a vast variety of ailments by immersing in and drinking the water. Animals would literally seek out the miracle stone and lick it. The area became a famous location for a spa over various periods of Russian history with Peter The Great building a spa and palaces there. Many of his military victories could be attributed to the fact that, on his orders, his soldiers carried Shungite stones in their packs and water flasks, which kept them healthy, protecting them from dysentery that was common in many armies of that time.


The Chemical and Molecular properties of Shungite:
Shugite is made up of unique Carbon molecules called Fullerenes: Fullerines were  discovered in 1985. They have a sphere-like structure with a hollow center that can encapsulate other substances. They were named after Richard Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes they resemble. This form of Carbon was unknown on Earth until recently and is found only in minute quantities in Nature and has been identified in Space. It is conjectured that Shungite and Fullerenes containing gases and other life forming elements may have arrived on Earth from Outer Space. Fullerenes have been artificially created and are being explored for medical, pharmaceutical and nanotechnology applications. Artificial Fullerenes may be toxic. However in their natural state, Fullerenes are the most effective natural anti-oxidants known when combined with water outperforming and outlasting all other known antioxidants, and have been shown to have numerous biologically beneficial properties. Natural Fullerenes are non toxic.

Read more about the properties of Shungite, Fullerines and the research done by Russian scientists and Regina Martino below the list of items available

Items currently available: (each)

  • Cell phone stick on shields – $10
  • Spheres:                 
    • 15 cm – $250         
    • 10 cm – $125
    • 8 cm – $75
    • 6 cm – $60               
    • 4-5 cm – $40
    • 3 cm – $28
  • Spheres Shungite/Quartz Mix
    • 7.5 cm – $95
    • 10 cm – $150 currently sold out
  • Equilateral Pyramids               
    • 3 cm – $15
    • 4 cm – $20
    • 5 cm – $28 – 1 Stepped Pyramid in Stock ($30)
    • 8 cm – $60 – 1 Stepped Pyramid in Stock ($60)
    • 10 cm base -$100,
    • 15 cm base -$250,                                          
  • High pyramids:
    • 3 cm base – $25
    • 5 cm base – $45
    • 8 cm base – $88
  • Merkabas:
    • Small$28
    • Medium – $40
    • Large – $ 80            
  • Stands
    • cast, gold/silver colored metal
    • ($4 small, $5 Med, $7 Large)
    • wood small – $4, med – $6
    • Shungite slab stands for spheres – Small – $10, Med – $14, Large -$18 As available
  • Pendulums – $20
  • Palm/Pillow polished stones – $16
  • Palm/Pillow Heart shaped – $20
  • Large Pillow Stone – $25 (only one in stock)
  • Bracelets – (Misc nuggets and beads, Small, Medium, Large) from $20 – $35
  • Necklaces – 18 inch – $55, 15 inch – $40
  • *Charging plates:  Charge Water food ( Also for your modem or phone base!)   
    • Plain 10 x 10 cm – $20
    • Engraved 10 x 10 cm -$30 (Flower of Life, Om, Trees, Buddha/Milarepa)
    • Engraved Circles – $30 (Same designs, all as available)
  • Miscellaneous Pendants and Jewelry, Elite and Regular Shungite
  • Noble (Elite) Pendants: –  Shungite nuggets with loops for chain or silk cord, or wrapped with copper wire – various prices. I have new pieces of Elite nuggets with loops and silk or leather cords (contact me for individual selections).
  • IMG_0219

    Pendulum – $20

Copies of this book by Regina Martino now available for purchase $20 incl. postage or with order in USA

Regina Martino, is a Geo-biologist and bio-energy researcher and expert specializing in stones and crystals. Her book “Shungite Protection, Healing and Detoxification” explores and explains many of Shungite’s properties. She cites many double-blind scientific and medical studies on Shungite and shows the effects of Shungite’s ability to shield from harmful radiation, She reports on many of  the scientific findings from research done in Russia that have been presented a the first congress dedicated specifically to Shungite. 

The Fullerine C 60 Molecule

Martino has conducted her own studies on the bio-energetic properties of Shungite and describes some of the most up to date equipment used by researchers such as Kirlian Photography, GDV bio-electrography and other devices that reveals the parameters of Shungite’s effect on the chakras, the aura and the entire biogenic field. Her diagrams show how EMFs unbalance the chakras and the way in which exposure to Shungite re-centers and realigns the chakras. She has created a “Shungite Room” in France where she continues to research the beneficial effects of Shungite to create a therapeutic environment. See below for a report by another author of the use of these rooms in Russia. Martino provides a chart of the effective protective distance around  each Shungite object and the effect of its shape in her book.

On of the most important properties of Shungite is in regards to “torsion fields”. A torsion field can have a right rotation (as in DNA) or a left rotation. Martino explains how artificial products like plastic, processed food, non-natural, synthetic clothing and the electromagnetic fields that so wide spread, produce a left “spin” or “torsion field” of the elemental particles that make up the object or substance. “Right rotation fosters life, whereas a torsion field that has a left rotation has a negative effect on cells” (Vlail Kaznacheyev). “Pulsed-wave radiation such as Wi-Fi and DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) generate left torsion fields” Shungite has the property of neutralizing left torsion fields and generating right torsion fields, enhancing the vital force of life forms.

She reports the results of the scientific research in her book from the 2006 Scientific Congress titled “Shungite and the Protection of Human Life”. “At this time the following effects of Shungite have been identified:

Shungite is:

  • Anti-bacterial (Krutous, 2002; Rysev; Khadartsev, 2002)
  • Anti-viral (Khadartsev, 2002)
  • Immuno-stimulant, in the absence of a response to the stimulation of the Ig E (Immunoglobulin E) (Khadartsev, 2002)
  • Anti-cancer agent (Khadartsev, 2002)
  • Anti-inflammatory/antioxidant (blocking the peroxidation of lipids) (Krutous, 2002; Rysev)
  • Anti-histamine (Rysev and others)
  • Protection from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation (Kurotchencko, Subbotina, and others, 2003)

And from other sources:   “Shungite  purifies water of almost all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful micro-organisms.” (From the book by A. Doronina “Shungite – the Stone-Savior“)

Also from other sources, Shungite is: 

• a sorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and from excess of free radicals;

• a catalyst, which ensures decomposition of organic substances sorbed and restoration of the sorption properties;

• a carrier of wide range of micro-elements and biologically active substances, intensifying biological processes in the bodies of human beings and animals;

• a material, actively interacting with electromagnetic fields of different nature (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geo-pathogenic, bio-fields) and neutralizing their negative impact.

• absorptive, having the ability to absorb substances from the environment; 

• high level of adhesion, the ability to connect with any substance;

• electroconductivity – one can use this property to verify a black stone as Shungite

• ability to absorb oxygen, actively interact with it at the room temperature in water and in the air.

– Researches of shungite have also shown that direct contact of the stone with the human body can effect relief from pain and assist in a number of serious illnesses, especially of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases and contributes to a rapid healing of cuts and wounds.

Shungite Rooms

Spending time in a room electromagnetically sealed and encased in Shungite tiles and paint allows for physical and psychological rehabilitation and enhanced recovery from physical and emotional trauma. Shungite rooms can also correct the energy bio-field of a person.

“Such Shungite rooms have been used in St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, in Petrozavodsk, in the spa center “White Springs”, in the office of the company “Pritsero P” in Moscow, in Saratov. There is also a Shungite room in the prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”, where the guards visit this room for 20-30 minutes for relief from fatigue after their shifts.

The Shungite room constructed in Beslan school No.1 in 2006 has shown amazing results. It became a unique generator of life force to those who have survived the the well-known Beslan tragedy (the seizure of children in this school by terrorists in 2004). The smiles of children, their colorful drawings that symbolize the good and the friendship, sunshine and flowers, the improvement of emotional status of teachers and parents of children who have experienced this tragedy are the best evidence for these surprising properties of Shungite, the “stone-comforter”, as it is known here”. 

 “This stone, which possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties, brings more pure and spiritual pleasure. Just contemplation of it calms down and comforts. It literally absorbs negative energy while emitting only positive. “

(From the book by M. Polevaya “Shungite – the magic stone of health “)