Monthly Archives: January 2023


I have often wanted to put a few special answers to important questions that the Guides have channeled through me. In many cases, these answers were given in confidential private sessions or on the Alternate Tuesday evening channeled Meet The Guides series, where the questions are only recorded on my voice recorder as MP3 files. I finally figured out a way to showcase some beautiful images while uploading the message as a video file to YouTube. When I wrote The Path of the Spiritual Warrior, I had numerous questions that were of a general nature so I could include the Q&A as text in the book once the material had been transcribed and edited – a slow and long process. Now I can upload my recordings and share the insightful answers as video files here and soon in other video platforms. As I browse through these files, I will be sharing more of them in my blog and on video.  Here is the most recent. Jack even suggested that it would be of benefit to others to hear the Guides’ perspective on Fear.

Enjoy the images while you listen. Please share. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you enjoy these sharings.