HeartThread Facilitator Trainings and Intro Sessions

We are so excited to be offering HeartThread Facilitator trainings.

We have begun to offer HeartThread facilitator trainings and are fully engaged in spreading this important work around the world. Two groups of trainings in Santa Fe this year have resulted in 11 new HeartThread facilitators in the world. As we train new facilitators who offer HeartThread sessions, the work expands and more people learn how to live with their hearts open.

I am planning to offer a HeartThread facilitator training in Boulder the weekend of the 23rd – 25th January with individual sessions before and after, weather permitting.
If you are interested in attending the training, or a private session, please contact me (healingthescars@gmail.com) or Azlan White (azlanwhite@gmail.com) to register or indicate your interest.

Visit the HeartThread page to discover more about HeartThread:



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