Winter Solstice Message

Dec 13, 2022 The Guides bring us a special message for this time asking us to show love and kindness and move towards compassion and forgiveness through developing unconditional love. We do this by understanding that each one carries the results of their karma and actions, and their belief systems. Trust and be patient. There is a great divide, but we must not judge anyone. One can transcend the temptation to judge others by recognizing our oneness. The real divide is between those who are raising their frequency through non-judgement, compassion, kindness, love and cooperation, and the ones who live in fear, greed, desire for power and control over others. One can thrive in the midst of all challenges, by trusting and focussing on positivity. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. Everything works for a higher purpose. Trust in a Higher power. Show love and kindness this holiday season and experience joy. And consider those less fortunate by sharing, giving and being kind.

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